Thank You Science. You Just Ruined My Next Kiss.

Thank You Science. You Just Ruined My Next Kiss. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Many may not remember their first kiss, although we try frequently to recreate that magic moment. It feels like a lifetime looking for that perfect and delicate peck. Once it’s found, we find ways to continually perfect it. There is a science behind sharing smooches. Saliva flow cleans your teeth and fights bacteria. Nonetheless, millions of bacteria are shared when locking lips. However, the ick factor does not outweigh the tremendous and lasting emotional benefit. There is also a cultural element that may tells us what is socially affectionate. The Inuits in Canada do not kiss. Instead they kunik each other or press the tip of their noses together. The Hongi in New Zealand lean into each other’s forehead and nose simultaneously. Have a look at some interesting facts about kissing. Don’t take it too seriously though. Just enjoy the process the next time you are practicing your French.

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