25 DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas To Make Your Holiday Extra Special.

25 DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas To Make Your Holiday Extra Special. November 17, 2019

Thanksgiving is next week and you know what that means: it’s time to feast! And if you’re hosting the holiday dinner party this year, you should add some thanksgiving decor to your home to create a more festive setting! Now we know so much money is already being spent on the food, but don’t worry — we have 25 do-it-yourself decor projects that anyone can do. Want something decorative to hang from the walls? Need a new centerpiece for the dining table? Want to provide some decor for the kids table this year? Look no further!Provide popsicle sticks and a marker for each of your guests to jot down what they’re thankful for. You can also provide small pieces of paper as an alternative.

You can use either orange, white, green, real or fake pumpkins! If you prefer the white pumpkin look but don’t have any, you can also paint it. Simply wrap the pumpkins with some bittersweet vine and voila! Be sure to use U pins to hold the vines in place.

This garland will bring an earthy vibe to your home that’s perfect for Thanksgiving. All you need to make the garland is rope or twine, pine cones, wooden beads, scissors and a hot glue gun.

Wrap dining utensils up in jute or burlap to recreate this pretty autumn aesthetic. You can add fall leaves for extra decor.

This is the perfect front door decoration. Simply cut a hole into the tops of a few apples with a knife. Once you’re done, use a spade drill bit to secure votive candles to the top of the apples.

Wrap a bunch of copper wire together to form a hollow pumpkin. After you’re done, you can place a mini candle inside for an ethereal look.

Spell out the word “thanks” on empty wine bottles and fill them with wheat or flowers. These will go perfectly on a mantle or even on the front porch!

It may sound a bit over-dramatic, but a full wooden tree log would actually make a great centerpiece. Pair it with some fall leaves, pinecones and mini pumpkins!

Artificial pomegranates were used for this photo but you can use any fake fruit you want. Be sure to insert wooden skewers into the fruits prior to applying the copper leaf for easier application and drying.

Use a hot glue gun to wrap and attach corn husks to an 18-inch diameter straw wreath. Once you’re done, use gold acrylic paint to paint the tips of the husks for a completed look.

You can purchase a chalkboard or you can create one of your own. Simply paint the inside of an old tray with chalkboard paint and you’re done! Decorate the board with bittersweet berries and autumn branches/leaves to complete the seasonal look.

Create a cool and fun tablecloth for the kid’s table out of kraft paper. Use a black marker to draw out the table settings. Provide crayons in terracotta pots for a finishing touch. This way, they can draw to their hearts’ desire while enjoying their meals.

Simply draw plates and utensils onto individual pieces of construction paper. Write each kid’s name on top of each place mat and you’re done.

Use cardstock as your napkin holder and stamp your own messages onto them to personalize them! Punch holes onto both sides once you’re done to thread ribbons through.

By placing candles inside vintage box graters, you’re creating a flickering light display. Instead of using real candles, use LED votives so that the metal graters don’t become too hot to touch.

Attach a fall leaf to the jar, paint all over it and then remove the leaf after to recreate this look. Wrap the top of the jar with some twine and you’re ready to put the candle in!

If you’ve already got a few of those plastic pumpkin buckets from Halloween, spray paint them gold to turn them into some quick and easy centerpieces!

Forget the tacky Tupperware, pack up some leftovers for your guests in these customized to-go bags. Simply purchase some plain paper bags and decorate them yourself with a few colorful markers.

This is the perfect accessory to a plain chair this Thanksgiving. Use dried wheat, floral wire and ribbon to recreate this embellishment.

Do you have a bunch of fall leaves in your front or backyard? Pick up the prettiest ones and press them onto your favorite candles.

Simply wrap the stem of each drinking glass with different colored embroidery floss. This way there will be no confusion on which cup belongs to who.

Fill a few silver ladles with small pieces of wet floral foam. Keep the foam in place with floral wire. When you’re done, wrap some twine around the handles to hang them from the wall.

It’s a lot easier than it looks. Use mod podge to attach artificial leaves ot the bottom of a plastic bowl. Once the mod podge has dried, remove the bowl and voila! You have your very own decorative leaf bowl.

Make a pretty pinecone hanger out of pinecones and burlap. You can hang it from the light that’s in front of your home or anywhere inside the house! Best part: you can leave the decoration up for winter as well!

You can find crazy long stems of rosemary at your local farmers market. Cut them up to recreate these cute little place cards. All you need in addition to the rosemary is floral wire, scissors, twine and sprigs.