18 Thanksgiving Fails That Ruined The Holidays.

18 Thanksgiving Fails That Ruined The Holidays. November 21, 2018

Just like many other holidays, Thanksgiving is another holiday friends and family gather to party and dine. What makes Thanksgiving so special, however, is that it’s a day where people count their blessings. They acknowledge the things they have in their lives and give thanks to whatever those things maybe. But of course not every Thanksgiving get-together runs smoothly. Every once in awhile we have a Thanksgiving that’s one for the books due to the failures that happened. Check out some of the funniest Thanksgiving fails ever below.That is, until you look at the floor and realize that there was supposed to be a black glass screen over the oven.

Human society can only handle one season worth of these sweaters.

Aren’t you worried your turkey will be overcooked?!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to every situation.

Because this barbecue is lit!

But I have a feeling this turkey may be ugly inside and out.

I think those are marshmallows?

Sadly for them, they did not succeed.

There is no apostrophe in THANKSGIVING, are you kidding me?

Nice try though, right?

Maybe next time try making something easier… that only requires the microwave.

Saves you time and money!

But did you by any chance have something solid that I could eat?

Is it supposed to be a turkey because it looks like a face throwing up.

There definitely won’t be any leftovers.

This image can literally scare your children.

No, really, you shouldn’t have.

You ain’t doing it right if you don’t have one on!