Watch Adele Save Thanksgiving In A Hilarious ‘SNL’ Spoof.

Watch Adele Save Thanksgiving In A Hilarious ‘SNL’ Spoof. November 23, 2017

Holidays are the perfect time to break bread with family. Enjoying the delicious family recipes, getting up-to-date to what everyone has been up to, is part of the tradition. Let’s be honest though, we all have that one or two or even three relatives that are going to say the most inflammatory things. Sometimes their ideas and perceptions of things and people, make you wonder how it’s possible you are related to them. A lot of us may feel, if we can just get through dinner without a fight, all will be well. The creative and comedic minds of SNL have brought us their family Thanksgiving video. As they have brilliantly explained, the one thing that unites us all, is British singer Adele. We can all agree her music moves us. This Thanksgiving, have her music ready to bring peace and joy to everyone. Thank you for saving Thanksgiving Adele.