21 Touching Gifts For Thanksgiving… I Can Smell #17 Right Now.

21 Touching Gifts For Thanksgiving… I Can Smell #17 Right Now. November 20, 2017

The best way to show gratitude on Thanksgiving is to be present. Though a simple demand, it is not always possible. On top of dinner arrangements and holiday shopping, many of us have work obligations and financial constraints. Some of just have to be in too many places at once. What do you do then? Shrug your shoulders and say, ‘Maybe next year’? You do what you can. In just a few minutes, you can whip up a creative way to thank those that have been there for you – family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even strangers. If you aren’t too much of a DIY person, you can always combine a store-bought item or gift certificate with a handmade note. You can pick up the phone or make a video. **Feel free to borrow any of the creative ideas below to thank the special people in your life. These aren’t meant to be gourmet, but don’t worry. People will appreciate that you’ve thought of them.**This eco-friendly gift will energize the home and last through the trends.

By using a simple stencil, you can spruce up a traditional pumpkin pie.

This gift is perfect for those still riding the Halloween wave.

Though it may take some time, writing in a book like this will remind you of the positive impacts your loved ones have had in your life.

This keychain of appreciation is perfect for acknowledging an instructor’s hard work.

Even though mint isn’t a traditional fall food, mint lovers will go crazy over something like this! It’s the perfect segue into the Christmas holidays.

Even though the holidays are often celebrated by indulging, you can contribute to your family’s good health by giving the refrigerator a makeover.

Who wouldn’t smile while pouring themselves a cup of tea from this adorable pot?

This handmade trinket is small enough to slip into an everyday bag or place on a bedside stand.

Seamstresses both young and old will appreciate a coaster recognizing their favorite hobby.

There is already so much precision that goes into origami. A handcrafted card like this is doubly exquisite.

This ‘Thank You’ gift is perfect for couples and can be adapted for other occasions.

Find out what coffee shop they frequent and treat them to a gift card.

A bottle of wine with a personal label makes for an elegant and quirky gift.

Kids won’t be the only ones drooling over these treats!

Try to be mindful of those who choose to lead healthier lives. Treat them to something a bit lighter.

Made with just four ingredients, DIY Cinnamon Honey Butter is great on rolls for both holiday mornings or midnight snacks.

Write a personalized message on a mug. Don’t worry about your messy handwriting. It will be the most endearing part of the gift.

Some have argued that this is the best way to keep warm during Thanksgiving!

It doesn’t have to be bread. You can make cakes or brownies, anything your thankful heart desires.

Picking up a box of donuts takes two seconds. Printing out these gift tags takes but another two.