The 13 Funniest Entries From The 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photo Contest.

The 13 Funniest Entries From The 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photo Contest. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There’s a lot that goes into a professional photoshoot. You need the right lighting, the right model, the right stylist, and so much more. We haven’t even gotten started on the equipment. But sometimes, the best photos are taken au naturel, without the glamour. Each year, you can enter The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. The idea behind this contest is ‘Conservation Through Competition.’ The team is really interested in talent and humor, but also suggests you have a look at Born Free, a foundation focused on educating the public about wildlife and successfully carrying out campaigns to protect endangered species. Paul Joynson-Hicks, a professional photographer based in Tanzania, founded the site due to his passion for wildlife photography and conservation. Hicks also loves to see funny photos. Winners are selected based on technical excellence of the photograph as well as the amusement drawn from the content and caption. If you are chosen as a Category Winner, you receive the title as an awarding winning photographer as well as a trophy made by talented folks with disabilities. The Overall Winner receives the coveted title, a trophy, a one week all expense paid safari trip in Kenya, and a Nikon camera. Check out the 2015 gallery winners below.Check out this little guy. He seems to be chuckling about something all to himself.

We’ve never seen a more fabulous pose. And pose!

There’s so much love in this photo.

“Get them offa me,” says the hippo. Silly birds think he’s a tree!

This cheetah dove into the brush head first. These cats are too fast for their own good.

Of course we give two hoots about this shot. The subjects are crisp and clear, and clearly prepared to show off those beautiful glowing eyes.

“What do you mean I can’t fly?” This photo says so much with so little.

If only we could all be spread out on the shore, laughing about life. This seal gives us some serious life goals.

Looks like this squirrel’s got some hops! We’re not sure what this little adventurer has been through, but we can guess that his life is pretty rad.

The owls blend in perfectly with their surroundings, making a tree with eyes.

Leave it up to the gorilla to be up close and personal. And the caption is perfect!

This photo reminds us of when tall people try to hide in crowds or when a guilty dog tries to hide their guilt. It never works out quite as planned. Oh, antlers. A blessing and a curse.

A magnificent photo of a European hamster on the run, one that looks like many of us when we’re in a rush. Well done, Julian Rad! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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