The 26 Best ‘Animal’ Photographers In The World… #15 Is INTENSE.

The 26 Best ‘Animal’ Photographers In The World… #15 Is INTENSE. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Wildlife photographers have given us a glimpse of animals in their habitat, uninterrupted by the fast moving, modern world. Much has been learned without humans having to interfere in the wild. However, when our furry friends come to the realization that a camera is on them, they neither run and hide nor do they become aggressive. Regardless of whether it’s a house pet like a dog or creatures living in their fauna, animals love a camera. It seems this contraption is fascinating to inspect, play with and of course give it its intended purpose of taking photos. Imagine a photographer explaining to his/her boss that a lion took the camera away. At least it is better than admitting that an owl takes better images than you. This compilation may tempt to put your 35mm by your pet to see the world thru their eyes.

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