The Amazing Transformation Of Ariana Grande.

The Amazing Transformation Of Ariana Grande. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Ariana Grande started from Broadway back in 2008 and walked on a long road. She’s changed a lot over the last 7 years. She starred in a Nickelodeon series in 2010 and has transformed into a young, talented 22 year old woman. Her diva like moves and beautiful outfits has always been in news. She released her first solo album in 2013. Take a look at her photos, she’s almost unrecognizable at the start!There is no doubt that the young singer has changed a lot over the years. From her hair to her style everything has changed.

Ariana made her first appearance in 2008, with her dark curly hair.

In October 2009, we saw Ariana Grande with her new look; she looked amazing with her straight maroon hair.

Ariana changed her look a bit more with a different hair color but she is still unrecognizable compared to looks now.

And here is the first look to Ariana’s signature half tie.

Ariana changed her look with the trend and looked great with her tan and long hair.

Ariana changed her look with the trend and looked great with her tan and long hair.

She continued to experiment with her look in her every appearance.

Ariana finally started showing up with a full tie, posing with the young star Justin Bieber.

Continuing with the look, she appeared with a red lip color.

Beautiful in a red dress.

Ariana continues to ear her high pony tail, starring in Nickelodeon.

Ariana Grande started to look quite different in 2011; she matured with age and kept changing her styles.

Towards the end of 2011, Ariana Grande shifted towards a slighter darker shade in her hair.

Ariana changed her hair color to brown and started performing like a complete diva.

Ariana’s love for ponytails didn’t disappear for a long time.

Ariana appeared much mature towards the end of November. With her brown ponytail, she and long gown, she looked amazing at the red carpet.

And finally Ariana appears with her signature half tie with shaded hair. Performing with her amazing dance moves.

Ariana released her first solo album and was noticed by the media. Probably this is the time where you started following her.

Ariana Grande looked fabulous with her light colored hair.

Even though the change towards the end is subtle but it still continues to surprise you.

You can’t really point at the difference; is it the fuller lips or different make up techniques?

Ariana continued to dazzle the world with her delicate looks and amazing dance performances.

And yet again she is almost un recognizable with her winged eye liner, though she continues with her half tie look.

Ariana went blonde and highlighted her cat eyed look.

Ariana continued to look amazing at her every appearance in the award shows or premiers.

She changed her make up techniques highlighting her eyes with long winged eye liner.

Ariana finally is recognizable in 2015, with her sleek straight light dyed hair and cat eyes.

Ariana Grande finally changed her hair to dark brown giving iconic looks.

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