The Behind-The-Scenes Truth About Those ‘Perfect’ Photos.

The Behind-The-Scenes Truth About Those ‘Perfect’ Photos. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Nowadays, there are no limits to photography. A person can literally achieve whatever vision they want to achieve, especially when they have photo-editing programs like Photoshop on their side. The Internet is filled with beautiful and amazing photos of all different types of subjects, but do you ever stop to wonder how much of the photo is actually real or the process the photographer had to go through to get the final shot? You’ll be surprised at how much work is involved.Now every time I see a photo of someone who’s supposed to be underwater, I will be hesitant and question their actual whereabouts.

Did you know that the “milk” in most cereal commercials are actually just dried up glue? How else would the cereal sit so perfectly on top of the milk?

How else do you think water is splashing behind her? That water ain’t gonna splash itself!

The photographer here used 17 square meters of mirror for this incredible shot. And judging from the final shot, it was well worth it.

Sometimes glamorous photos aren’t as glamorous as you think they are, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

From magical to ghetto. How else could they get her into that position? You gotta think about these things when seeing photos like this.

Turns out you don’t need clouds to create rain. All you need is a bucket of water!

It all makes sense now! Now I can take my own food deconstruction photos.

I automatically assumed the first photo was made purely from photoshop because it looks so unreal but I’m happy to be proven wrong with the second photo. These people are so clever!

Not only is she sitting on top of something, there’s a person holding up her hair. This is what it takes to make levitation look real.

You didn’t really think the baby would be bouncing all on his or her own, would you? If that were the case, then that’s just bad parenting.

Rock climbing is pretty epic in itself but sometimes you have to go through drastic measures to get that epic shot that you want.

Close up shots of snowflakes reveal how beautiful and intricate they are, but the reality is… they’re really small. So to get a photo of them, you have to get really really close.

Now we know those lights aren’t photoshopped but altered in the photo-taking process! Does this mean they can make bokeh in any shape they want?

Now we know why these white curtain auroras are so rare… because most of the photographs aren’t real! Good luck to anyone who’s trying to take a real photo of these.

Sometimes you just gotta create the world that you want to shoot. That’s the only way to capture exactly what you want.

When you don’t have the actual cars in your possession, sometimes creating a miniature version does the trick!

Although the final photos always look beautiful, the process of getting that photo can be very tedious.

Ever looked at a photo and wondered if it were photoshopped due to the surrealism involved? Sometimes it is. Other times, they just create miniature models of everything they want in the photo.

Didn’t know people actually went through such drastic measures for certain photos. But once you have a vision, you gotta do what it takes to achieve it.

Now we know behind every splash is a person making that splash. How else are they supposed to get the water effect.

When you don’t have invisible strings and ropes to hold you up, you improvise and use photoshop to your advantage in the post-production.

Photographing an actual blizzard can be difficult and freezing. Why do that when you can just create your own indoor blizzard where it’s warm and cozy.

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