The Best Places To Retire In America.

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Everything changes when you retire, which means that you might be facing a period with less income. On the other hand, it also means you have a lot more free time on your hands to choose how you want to spend your golden years. The most obvious choice senior citizens have to make is where they are planning to move to. For most retirees, it’s not just about finding a place with lower costs. Things like good weather, a rich culture, and a city where there are plenty of opportunities to stay mentally and physically active are essential. So here are 9 retiree-friendly places across America that will make low cost living a breeze!The landscape in Northfield is simply breathtaking and because it’s sandwiched between two smaller universities, seniors, will definitely get that college town experience, which will allow them to take classes to keep their wits sharp. The universities also offer theatrical performances and sporting events among other venues of entertainment. But the biggest perk is that Northfield is only 55 miles away from the Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical practice and research group, which can also benefit seniors. The only downside are the lengthy Minnesota winters, which may be too harsh for some seniors to experience.

An average home here would only set you back about $102,000, making Bella Vista an ideal choice when housing prices are a factor worth considering. Besides, 52 percent of the population is over 50, making it one of the largest communities of retirees in America. But you certainly won’t get bored here. There are swimming pools, tennis courts, shooting ranges, fitness facilities, hiking trails, and of course, golfing. As an added bonus, it’s a scenic environment full of mountains, bodies of water, and an altogether quiet place to spend your final years.

Bellingham is ideal for seniors who love the water, especially given that there are over a 100 miles of shoreline, which will allow retirees to enjoy a walk on the beach or go on a ferry ride along the Pacific Ocean. It also provides an outlet for seniors who enjoy performing arts or want to spend the day at a museum. Unfortunately, the cost of homes aren’t cheap. In fact, an average house can set you back as much as $276,000. So while Bellingham might not be for everyone, it certainly can be an excellent destination if you have a hefty retirement fund all saved up.

It’s a place that’s swarming with activity, including an active night life. So retirees will definitely find just about anything they want in this city. With museums, theater, libraries and a number of pristine golf courses, there’s simply no way that seniors can get bored here. Ultimately, Denver appeals to the elderly. So despite the fact that the cost of living is a bit high, it’s an excellent choice for retirement.

Plus, there’s all the scenery at the beach that can wash away all the years of struggles and heartaches that most elderly people have endured and have longed to get rid off. Venice is modeled after it’s Italian city namesake and it’s got plenty of soothing canals and European architecture that make it ideal for retiree. Best of all, you won’t get lonely as there’s a hefty population of retirees here. So aside from the beach, seniors get to enjoy tennis courts, golf courses, and several parks too. And, the low cost of living makes Venice oh-so attractive.

But don’t worry. Prescott is in the northern region of Arizona, so the temperature in the summertime is not nearly as bad as in the south. As far as what makes this city so appealing, well, it’s a mining town rich with historical facts and buildings that any fan of history would enjoy. What makes Prescott the target retirement city is the relatively low cost of living. The housing prices themselves are a steal, which is perfect for those of you who aren’t happy with the idea of dipping too deep into your retirement funds.

After all, the local economy of this town is driven by tourists that come to explore this iconic historical city. So there’s plenty of entertainment designed to attract travelers, but that doesn’t mean they get to have all the fun. You’re retired, which means you can pretty much live it up in this city with a relatively temperate environment without worrying about melting away from the often associated Florida summer heat.

The population of retirees continues to grow here. In fact, the city seems to contain everything a retiree would want from fishing holes to golf courses, and of course the beautiful picturesque scenery of this quaint town. Since the economy of Beaufort is growing steadily, housing prices remain relatively reasonable and the crime rate is extremely low. Because the last thing you want to worry about is crime in your golden years. And don’t worry about the weather, although the summers can get a little warm, they’re certainly not scorching hot and the winters are pleasant, but not freezing cold.

Since Austin is the home of the University of Texas, senior citizens will also have access to sporting competitions, theatrical performances, and countless interesting lectures too. Of course, Austin is also known as a the music capital of the entire world but if music isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of air markets, art galleries and museums that are perfect for seniors. So if you’re looking to retire in a city that’s entertaining, has a booming economy, and a low crime rate, then make the capital of the great state of Texas your ultimate final destination.

Sarasota is full of life and culture. So senior citizens can visit the Ringling Museum arts complex, as well as numerous other art galleries, the Bayfront Gardens, and a number of theaters and opera houses as well. Also, given that Sarasota is a coastal city, seniors can surf, swim, fish, water ski and go on a boat ride as well. Although the cost of living and housing prices are slightly above average, the overall score for well-being can’t be beat. So Sarasota is definitely worth investing your retirement savings into.

Housing costs in Idaho’s state capital offer retirees the chance to pay just $351 a month so they can use their retirement savings to enjoy the various amenities and entertainments Boise has to offer. In fact, seniors 60 and older can stay sharp by registering for classes at Boise State University for just $5 per credit hour, plus a $20 registration fee per semester. But if school isn’t the kind of thing you want to spend your pension on, then try the Boise Art Museum, Zoo Boise, Bogus Basin Ski area or just walk or run on the 25-mile greenbelt along the Boise River for free.

Best of all, you won’t get into debt here given that retirees 65 and older only pay $1,251 with a mortgage, $558 a month without one, and the median rent is $983 a month. Now that’s the epitome of low cost housing prices. And the biggest perk about living in the sunshine state is that there’s no state income tax.

You’ve got the Rocky Mountains, Pikes Peak, the Seven Falls, and the Garden of the Gods to name a few scenic spots. It’s a perfect place to retire, especially if you’re a senior who loves to remain active. There are simply so many places to explore and to hike in. Seniors can even visit the U.S. Olympic Complex and get a discounted rates at the facility. But when it comes to housing prices, seniors can rest assure that their retirement savings are safe. $393 a month is all that senior citizens have to pay if their mortgage is paid off. If you still have a mortgage, you’ll have to pay $1,221. But if you’re renting you’ll have to dig into your pension and pay $827 a month. Nevertheless, it’s worth the cost to live in this high-elevation mountain town.

Dayton has one of the largest number of healthcare providers and several hospitals like Kettering Medical Center and Good Samaritan Hospital, which offer treatment for specific conditions that may affect you in your later years. Fortunately, the low cost of living is pretty great here as well. Renters only have to pay $659 a month. Seniors with a mortgage pay $1,080 monthly, and those with a paid off house only pay $469 a month. This leaves you with plenty of money to spare to enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer without getting into debt. As a bonus, aviation enthusiasts get to enjoy the National Aviation Hall of Fame and the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.

Seniors with a small pension can enjoy the relatively low cost of living like $434 a month if your mortgage is paid off, $1,113 if you still have a mortgage, and $726 a month if you’re just renting. But what’s also important is that the peace and quiet you’ll get here is just as important as the low housing prices. This will keep your retirement savings from dipping to zero and reduce the risk of debt so you can enjoy some outdoor recreation opportunities like the Grand River and Lake Michigan. You can also take advantage of the booming healthcare providers and overall healthcare industry, which can guarantee a longer and healthier life for the elderly.

Senior citizens can rest assured that their medical needs will be looked after at UPMC Shadyside, which U.S. News ranked as the 12th best hospital in the country. But retirement is all about living with as little stress or fear of debt as possible. So the relatively low house prices are very appealing, particularly if your mortgage is paid off, because you only have to pay $468 a month. If you still have a mortgage, you’ll have to pay $1,069, and if you’re renting, you can expect to pay a virtually hassle-free $617 a month. As an added perk, any senior 65 and older can ride the Monongahela Incline, or the bus for free.

You can dip into your retirement savings and buy a decent home at about half the cost in Richmond. The average retired senior pays $1,282 a month with a mortgage, $465 a month if the mortgage is paid off, and the median rent for seniors is $905 a month. Richmond has some very fine hospitals like Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center which is ideal for the medical needs of retirees. But there are also whitewater rapids by the James River, for those senior citizens who want to kayak the day away.

Senior retirees can expect to pay $1,179 a month with a mortgage, or $555 a month with a paid-off house. Renters can also enjoy the low monthly cost of $778. Sure, you might have to bundle up in the winter given that Rochester is on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, but come springtime, you can enjoy the large Lilac Festival once the flowers start to bloom again. It’s really a beautiful place to invest your retirement fund on after a long life full of hardships.

Retirees will be facing a $1,146 monthly mortgage rate, $430 with a paid-off home, and $816 a month for renters. So seniors have to weigh in on their retirement savings to see if it’s worth it. Besides, amenities like the healthcare provided by the University Hospital or the scenic view and vineyards of Texas Hill Country won’t put you in debt either. And who wouldn’t want to live out their golden years in a city that was designated a World Heritage site because it was originally colonized by the Spaniards in the 1700s?

Spokane is perfect for those who are into outdoorsy stuff. So seniors can walk or bike along the Spokane River that runs through town and stop to enjoy the various waterfalls in the area too. There are also a couple of ski resorts that are simply awesome for the winter time. But there are also great medical providers like Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Deaconess Hospital for the elderly. But what really matters are the housing prices. Now, $1,130 with a mortgage might seem steep for retirees, but the cost drops to $425 a month if the house is paid off. Of course, you can always rent for $662 a month and avoid getting into debt with a mortgage.

It might not be Disney World, but seniors can spend the day staring down at giant sea turtles, or tour the antebellum mansions, or a WWII aircraft carrier. Yes! Charleston has a lot of history and some say that it was the site where the first shots were fired in the Civil War. Of course, you can also play tennis, enjoy some golfing, or walk around the various art galleries in the area. If you’re worried about debt, or if your pension is limited, then you should know that the cost of living, particularly groceries, gas, and prescription drug prices are a bit high. On the other hand, medical costs are lower than the national averages. As a retiree, the cost of a home can be shockingly high too as you can expect to pay about $240,500 for a median home. However, you can’t put a price on healthy living. Charleston residents are known for being physically healthier according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

Glendale has over 5,000 acres of open space, which offers mountain bikers, joggers and hikers a perfect place full of roads and trails to explore. Seniors will particularly love the weather, which never has a tough season. The elderly won’t have to worry about losing their lives to a crime because according to the FBI, no murders have occurred in Glendale and the number of crimes are low. On the other hand, prescription drugs and gas are high, not to mention the housing prices, which are often high as well. So retirees will have to do some homework and then look at their retirement savings carefully before committing to Glendale and risking debt.

The downtown area of Round Rock offers senior citizens various events, arts, shops and restaurants as well as other recreational opportunities. The best part is that seniors also get discounts like $5 off prescription drugs. Gas costs are about 10 cents lower per gallon than in Austin and housing prices are cheaper. As far as a sense of well-being is concerned, Round Rock gets high scores for health and financial stability according to Gallup-Healthways data. The crime rate is also very low too. So retirees looking for low cost and affording living should definitely consider Round Rock.

Senior citizens looking to move here need to have some hefty retirement savings to live here. On the plus side, the urban environment and fun cultural opportunities are awesome for the elderly. There are plenty of outdoor activities to keep seniors active and Mackworth Island is only a drive away. So seniors can enjoy the ocean and walk barefoot on the sandy beaches. Oh, and for all you senior foodies out there, Portland is the mecca of a vibrant and diverse restaurant scene.

Although the cost of living is high according to the Council of Community and Economic Research, there are plenty of other things that seniors should consider when moving to Franklin. For starters, there’s no state income tax, except on dividends and investment income. The crime rate is low, and the healthcare is both excellent and affordable. And for those seniors who are looking to delve into historical research, you’re in luck. You can visit the Carnton Plantation and the Civil War Command Post Carter House as well as several other Civil War sites.

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