The Blunder Years: Photos Of Kids Who Looked 20 Years Older Than They Were!

The Blunder Years: Photos Of Kids Who Looked 20 Years Older Than They Were! March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Most people don’t like being photographed, but when you’re a kid, your parents don’t really give you an option. Most parents have their cameras handy to catch you doing something funny. Others dressed you up in wardrobes that aged you like crazy. You know the kind of photos we’re talking about. The styling is so odd, you wind up trying to guess if a kid’s either two years old or a forty-year-old aging librarian. So, without further ado, we present you with some embarrassing childhood pictures from Reddit’s Blunder Years where kids look much older than they were.Of course, this little girl’s parents didn’t mean to age her with their horrible fashion choices. But if someone tried to pull this today, the school staff would’ve had no other choice but to call CPS.

This is the most 40-year-old looking 15-year-old kid we have ever seen. You know how people reminisce about the time when they couldn’t get a date when they were teens? Yeah, well, there’s a reason why they were single. Hey! At least this pic is proof that it does get better eventually!

The poor thing! She looks a lot like a baby-sized version of Robin Williams’ Mrs. Doubtfire. The big glasses, the teeth, and even the dress are a lot like the hip old granny played by the late comedic actor.

I mean, let’s be honest! Nothing they put together could’ve possibly been worse than this, right? Heck, they’d probably do a better job at doing their own makeup.

Heck! The haircut isn’t even the problem. If we ran into this kid working the desk at reception, we would have no problem believing she’s of legal age. We can almost hear it: “Hi, this is Sharon at Sweet Smiles, one moment please!”.

But judging from the entire getup, we’re not so sure this Redditor was joking. Did mom actually alter her outdated clothes so her child could wear them? That alone isn’t too bad, but the beehive hair? Unforgivable!

If you don’t know how to style yourself and find an outfit that elevates your look, you have Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and a million fashion blogs to rely on. But back in the day, these kids’ only found out their fashion sense sucked when they arrived at prom looking like a divorced mom of 4.

But how does a toddler wind up looking like a middle-aged 45-year-old divorced dad who works 60 hours a week? If he would’ve been standing next to a convertible, we would’ve never guessed he was just a little boy.

And he looks so exhausted, he seems to be looking forward to retirement already. But guess what? The man in the photos was only 14 years old. Perhaps, getting mistaken for a 45-year-old grown man by your teen classmates is the reason why this kid looked so pissed off and stressed out, huh?

The dress, the glasses, and even the hairstyle scream someone in their late 40s or early 50s. But this kid is actually 13. Fortunately, the braces on her teeth make us realize that she’s still a kid at heart… literally.

If you think you’re looking at a 40-year-old woman who was a raging Elizabeth Taylor fan, think again. The woman in the photo is actually 12 years old. She just had one crazy mom! Let’s just hope this child’s momma never considered styling as a career.

Seriously! Where parents purposely trying to get their kids to look like 60-year-old librarians? This poor kid is giving us total “I want to speak to your manager” vibes.

Looking like a 55-year-old librarian probably didn’t help either! If we’d run into this poor kid, we wouldn’t know if they were picking up their kids, or actually going to school themselves!

The resemblance is truly uncanny! Of course, the hairstyle doesn’t really help. But something about her whole demeanor screams “Golden Girls,” doesn’t it?

We’re not sure if this is just bad styling from a pre-internet era or if this child was simply an old soul. Whatever the reason, we’re sure that rocking this granny getup did not make her Mrs. Popular among her peers.

The hair, the glasses, the sweater. We don’t know where to look! Is that a cross between a mullet and a half perm? This child ended up looking like a goofy Snapchat filter that’ll now be forever immortalized in this pic.

He could’ve passed for a tired old Jewish man. But in reality, he was in 9th grade. How did he wind up looking like he’s in his mid-30s? Was 9th grade really that stressful?

Glamour shots were all the rage in the 80s and 90s. Photographers and parents spent a lot of time styling the kids, putting on makeup, doing their hair, and coming up with their own unique looks. But why is it that every kid ended up looking like an overly invested pageant mom? Yikes!

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