The Cast Of Little Giants: Then And Now

The Cast Of Little Giants: Then And Now April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s been about 20 years since the movie *Little Giants* came out. The movie was about two brothers, Danny O’Shea and Kevin O’Shea, who were rival coaches of youth football teams. Kevin’s Cowboys were a dominant and serious team, while Danny’s Little Giants consisted of rejects and clumsy misfits. To fill the teams roster, the directors featured a bunch of child actors. We decided to take a look at what became of these children and where they are now.In 1997, Rick Moranis’ acting career came to an end after his wife died of cancer. He dedicated his time to raise his children.

Courtney Peldon continued her acting career. She was featured in the pilot ‘Entourage.’

Todd Bosley went on to play a role in ‘Seinfeld.’ He is currently a stand -up comedian in Los angeles, California.

Jon Paul Steuer is the lead singer of a punk rock band called the Soda Pop Kids.

Devon Sawa wasn’t seen much after his last big acting role in ‘Nikita.’

Ed O’Neill ended up getting nominated for three Emmy Awards for his role in ‘Modern Family.’ He also won three Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Marcus Toji currently works as a blogger for BaconKitty.com

Matthew McCurley stopped acting in the late 1990’s to focus on school. He went on to become a lawyer and currently works for Riot Games.

Susanna Thompson continued her acting career. She played a dominant role in CBS’s ‘NCIS.’

Alexa Vega became an international star after her role as Carmen Cortez in ‘Spy Kids.’ She recently had a part in the movie ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.’

Troy Simmons doesn’t act anymore. According to his brother, he still plays football.

After his role in ‘Little Giants’, Michael Zwiener didn’t act anymore. He currently works for FedEx.

Sam Horrigan lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and their child. He had a few guest roles in ‘CSI’, ‘True Blood’, and the movie ‘Accepted.’

Danny Pritchett is said to be living a normal life in Los Angeles.

Shawna Waldron also know as Icebox, continued her acting career. She recently played a role in the movie ‘Poison Ivy.’

Christopher Walberg had a lead role in ‘Hey Arnold!’ He enjoys his life as a musician in California.

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