The Creepy Reason Babies Cry At Night Will Freak You Out .

The Creepy Reason Babies Cry At Night Will Freak You Out . April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you’ve ever lived in a house with babies, or you have one of your own, then you know that they have a common, and often annoying form of communicating. Yes, we’re talking about that ear-piercing crying of theirs, and most parents can’t wait until their babies learn how to talk. But there’s always a reason for everything, including a baby’s constant wailing. Sure, they might let you sleep for an hour or two, but when they wake up in the middle of the night crying, they’re not doing to annoy you. In fact, there may be some perfectly logical, albeit creepy reasons why they’re trying to get your attention.It could be the result of an upset stomach, hunger, or because they’ve soiled their diapers. But doctors and pediatricians from the University of Barcelona have resorted to consulting with historians and representatives of other religions to delve deeper to find a more meaningful cause for why babies cry.

As you grew older, you’d often be afraid of monsters under the bed or perhaps they were hidden in the closet. But your parents would often check before tucking you in at night and they’d find nothing, so you’d go to sleep. But what if there really had been something there all along?

They believe that they’ve found evidence that suggests that beings from another world are trying to steal their souls.

Hey, didn’t Sam Winchester get visited by a demon as a baby on “Supernatural”? Well, this is real life, and apparently, these so called researchers claim that these creatures pose a serious threat to children under 2.

Most kids at this age are unable to express what they see into words that make sense. But even if they could, adults wouldn’t believe them because these specters often disappear just as the parents enter the room and turn the light on.

But the study did find that night crying often disappears almost completely after these children start learning how to speak.

By the time a child can speak, they’re often taught some form of prayer that will apparently drive these creatures away according to the researchers.

The researchers analyzed over 200 cases of children between one month and two years of age, and using specialized equipment, they were able to register high levels of vibrations and energies in the bedrooms of these children.

The creatures or specters had left marks on children, which suggests that they may have intended to harm them. If that’s the case, then it’s not shocking that these babies were bawling their eyes out.

Possibly, since researchers detected sounds, as well as unexplained written messages, and also objects around the room that had been moved.

The researchers made their conclusions that something otherworldly was happening here after getting a bunch of toddlers to draw what they had allegedly seen.

The media certainly wasn’t keen on advertising that a prestigious university was claiming that children were being haunted.

Probably not, especially in a world where technology and science seems to explain everything. But maybe the reason why some people aren’t taking these claims seriously is to avoid a collective panic.

This way, when they hear their babies crying at night, they can get to the room as soon as possible, turn the light on and scare away whatever demon, alien, or ghost is trying to traumatize their babies.

In some cases, it could be because the baby is too hot or too cold, which is keeping them from either being comfortable or getting a good night’s sleep.

Oh yeah, when your baby’s pacifier falls out of their mouths, they can’t always picked back up and put it in their mouth, so this leads to tears too.

When they’re used to one parent being there and holding them when they’re awake, they’ll often cry when they wake up and find that you’re not there to rock them or caress them, so that’s when all that wailing starts.

They’ll cry if they wake up at some point during the night and continue crying for about two minutes until they wear themselves out and go back to sleep.

It’s actually not long-term damaging to allow them to cry themselves to sleep. In fact, it can be a learning curve for them as they figure out how to soothe themselves by sucking on their fingers or changing positions.

Teething is quite common and it happens around 6 months of age, so that can definitely disrupt sleep. There’s also the possibility of infection and fever that could be making them uncomfortable and whiny. So if your kid starts crying, and nothing’s soothing them, check with your doctor just to be sure… a legitimate one.

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