The DadBag Will Give You The Dad Bod You’ve Always Wished For.

The DadBag Will Give You The Dad Bod You’ve Always Wished For. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Most guys, dads or otherwise, don’t always like the idea of sporting a t-shirt that barely fits and revealing their beer guts. But some guys are actually embracing the look that’s more widely known as the dad bod. But it’s not their own bellies that they’re sporting. It’s actually a dadbag designed to look every bit as realistic as a man’s gut. It even has hair and a belly button. So, why are guys loving this bag? Well, it sure beats carrying a shopping bag, which some guys find emasculating. Now the genius that designed the bag explains why the idea is so cool.With the way he’s slouched over, you’d never know that that belly he’s got isn’t really his. It’s actually the Dadbag created by London designer Albert Pukies.

But some guys seem to like the idea of embracing the dad bod that’s been made famous by celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio or Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The only difference here is that this fanny pack actually mimics the owner’s skin tone and has very realistic features like facial hair and a belly button.

But Pukies is looking into finding a partner or manufacturer to help him mass produce this ingenious product. He might even launch a Kickstarter campaign, so keep an eye out for that.

You could sneak a beer into a theater or walk around with it and take a few sips behind a dumpster if need be. The point is that no one would ever know you had it.

You could put your keys and your wallet in there, and if someone tries to rob you, they’d never consider checking your dad bod tummy.

The only thing is that he’s a bit concerned about the risks involving his health, which might require a lot of visits to the pub. But this is a great alternative, and you can always slim down by taking it off.

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