The Dude On The Golden Gate Bridge, And 24 Other Incidents Of Mistaken Identity.

The Dude On The Golden Gate Bridge, And 24 Other Incidents Of Mistaken Identity. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Have you ever felt kind of jealous of people on social media, who post photos of themselves online with celebrities they’ve ran into while out and about on the street? Then, suddenly, all the planets line up because you’ve just spotted a famous person on the streets and you’re not about to miss your chance! You’re so happy that you want to rush right over and take a selfie with them. But as these Reddit users have confessed, looks can be deceiving, as in, not everyone that looks like a celebrity, is a celebrity. So here are some celebrity encounters with people who weren’t really celebrities at all, but regular folks who had that Hollywood face.Reddit user MantisTobogganMD-Phd was totally fooled by this Jeff Bridges look-a-like. Who wouldn’t be? The resemblance is uncanny!

Reddit user Kelvets thought he had spotted Chuck Norris. Has he ever seen one of his movies?

Reddit user Dark_Nuts’ dad should seriously consider getting prescription glasses… fast!

Reddit user iSlick is so confident he’s spotted a celeb. You almost feel bad over breaking his heart with the truth.

This Facebook user screamed “Matt Damon!” but should have screamed “Mark Wahlberg” instead.

Reddit user Scrody_Cody should probably consider doing a Twilight marathon with her dad.

This Reddit user couldn’t handle the embarrassment of this mistake and deleted his account. Ouch.

Reddit user Jonbalooshi is convinced the former Speaker of the House was sitting right there on that table.

Reddit user ClassyRedneck may have made a mistake, but the guy doesn’t seem to mind, not one bit.

Reddit user Mynameisnotjacob went into the barbershop and swore he saw a ghost.

Reddit user Jonbalooshi had a lot of luck. First, he ran into Newt Gingrich and now he’s hanging with Maggie, supposedly…

Reddit user DiceGames should know that a martial artist doesn’t need a cane to walk.

This anonymous Imgur user should feel a little embarrassed and George Lucas should feel a little offended.

Reddit user Conspiracy_thug should know this guy looks like DeVito as much as he looks like Brad Pitt. Just saying!

Imgur user Matt Humphries thinks that’s Pitbull? He should get seriously slapped. Are you seeing this, Pitbull?

Has Reddit user Markchapline ever actually seen a “Fast and the Furious” film?

Somewhere in Hollywood, there are two celebs who are angry at this Anonymous Imgur user.

Reddit user SuddenlyOutofNoWhere met up with Tom Cruise who according to him, was hanging out in Thailand that one time. One should be so lucky!

What Reddit user Mjselvig found was what he assumed was James Corden. Boy, is he gullible.

It’s hard to argue with Reddit user Markchapline. This guy looks exactly like the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actor. OMG!

Give Reddit user IAmACollegeStudent1 a thumbs up. He just hung out with THE famed musician with the voice of an angel.

There’s no Obama in sight, but Reddit user ThisIsMyEG0 should’ve clarified how he knew Alec Baldwin, who’s hanging out on the left!

Reddit user MrMcCoy17 finds it refreshing that Drake loves taking selfies with his fans.

Reddit user LiiDo was ecstatic, not knowing that the guy she was with was no country music star.

Actually, Reddit user igivefreetickles managed to snap a pic of the look-alike cast, which looked eerily similar, but there wasn’t a fang or claw in sight.

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