The Easy (And Hard) Truths Of Dating Your Best Friend.

The Easy (And Hard) Truths Of Dating Your Best Friend. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Seems like the common notion in dating is to have your best friend as your partner. While there are some merits to that, there are those among us who have already experienced it and are downright disagreeing with that notion. Here are some illustrations of what it really feels like:Assembling IKEA furniture: one of the approved methods to see someone’s true colors.

Wrong! Just like any other relationship, it could turn sour anytime.

This here is definitely one of the perks, if you do it right.

Who else will you burden with your relationship problems now?

They have already judged you as their child’s friend, now they want to see if you’re partner material.

Most of us who tried this and failed lost one more thing in addition; the friendship that existed.

There are opportunities for this, but you can be expecting to do this all day.

She did before because you’re a friend. Now that she’s in your life nothing else should matter as much as she does. Nothing.

This is the dream for many of us, but in most cases it stays a dream.

Best friends are supposed to be able to look past them, but can you do it for the rest of your life?

This is going to be hard, especially the first time. Good luck. Good news is if you get through it fine the first time, the consecutive ones are not going to be bad.

If you didn’t put on makeup as friends, why should you start now? That is a door no one wants opened.

But best friends actually fight harder. You know each other’s weaknesses and all.

One does not simply become friends in a relationship.

Are you two ready to let each other in on your deepest, darkest secrets?

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