The Ghostly Light Inside This EMPTY Hospital Made Her Blood Run Cold.

The Ghostly Light Inside This EMPTY Hospital Made Her Blood Run Cold. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If we’re talking spooky stories, there’s no better plot-opener than a mysterious light that no one can explain. Shining through a window or door, burning bright with unknown origins: Just thinking about it can give you the creeps, and it’s the reason spooky mystery lights are used in plenty of horror movies. So imagine one NOLA nurse’s surprise when, just as she was getting off her shift at a hospital, she noticed a spooky light coming from the hospital across the way. This wouldn’t have been weird at all — if, of course, the hospital hadn’t been abandoned for about a decade. Where could this light be coming from? Was it supernatural, or the result of some kind of message sent by a stranger. Find out the answers to this strange little whodunit below — the answer isn’t exactly shocking, but you’ll definitely be surprised to find out what’s really going on here.It was operational until 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit. The building flooded and was subsequently destroyed, and the city didn’t have enough money to rebuild it.

But now, 10 years later, it’s in the headlines again.

From far away, it’s hardly noticeable. But when you zoom in, you can tell that something is definitely going on here.

Her name is Lisa Walley Staggs, and as soon as she noticed it, she took a picture.

Don’t worry: The answer is not as terrifying as you might think.

As you can see, she presumed it was some kind of LED Christmas tree, left by a good Samaritan who managed to find a way into the abandoned hospital

An Instagram user responded with this photo, showing what was probably causing the purple light from the window. It’s not exactly a happy ending, but it’s a fun little story nonetheless!

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