The Hottest Animal Doctor Ever Is Literally Winning The Internet.

The Hottest Animal Doctor Ever Is Literally Winning The Internet. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Whether we want to admit it or not, we judge people. We make assumptions based on the way someoned dresses, looks, or even speaks. We are visual animals who decide whether a person is worth our time getting to know them with just a glance. And the dumb model stereotype is one that has been around for decades. We assume someone who poses for the cameras for a living has no substance. We reason models are superficial and lack basic understanding of things. Rather than sit in interviews and swear they have high IQ’s, some models show it by actions.Her Instagram account is not what you would expect. Absent are the bikini shots in an exotic, remote island, or the glamorous images of a fashion runway. The photos she shares with her over 15,000 followers are of penguins, pigs, dogs, cats, hedgehogs, chinchillas, and many more species.

“I used to work as a fashion model during vet school to get some extra money for internships, books, travelling, and boosting my experience in the veterinary field,” Strokowska says.

She has also travelled to 69 countries and counting.

“We are bombarded by articles that set unreal standards that most of us will never reach. My mum always told me – beauty lasts a short while but knowledge and experience stays forever,”Strokowska says. “That’s why I never dropped studies and studied hard for my exams. I would have retired now as a model, but I am just beginning a career that will last for few decades.”

Strokowska says every animal she has had to euthanize stays in her memory as well as the ones she helps to cure. “Having the power to deliver a new life, bring a life back or end one is an extraordinary gift. I respect all creatures great and small and do my best to make the world a little bit better,” she concludes.

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