The Internet’s Reaction To PizzaRat Is Going To Crack You Up.

The Internet’s Reaction To PizzaRat Is Going To Crack You Up. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

When I came to New York, I had big dreams. I wanted to write, I wanted to engage with the fashion scene, I wanted to find a magically affordable apartment, and I wanted to spend the majority of my time eating classic New York City foods. Little did I know that at the heart of it all, what I *really* wanted to do was be like Pizza Rat. Watching him work is a true inspiration, and his dedication to his craft is a fine of example of the ambition and focus that drives New Yorkers to succeed. Pizza Rat is a hero amongst men. Pizza Rat is who we all came to this crazy city to become.

Aren’t we all just a bunch of rats dragging slices of pizza down the stairs? #Pizzarat — Bill Beard (@writebeard) September 21, 2015

2016 candidates on #pizzarat: Trump: Thief! Hillary: Every rat deserves a slice Rubio: It needs water Jeb!: I smoked a rat once — Brian Ries (@moneyries) September 21, 2015

let’s be honest, #PizzaRat is living the life we all wish we led. — Pete Zaroll (@totinos) September 21, 2015

so excited my ex-boyfriend has at last found internet fame #pizzarat — Keely Flaherty (@flahertykeely) September 21, 2015

When I drag a slice of pizza down the subway stairs they call it “desperate and sad” but when #pizzarat does it they call it “viral” — Audrey Stanfield (@audstanfield) September 21, 2015

New York’s hottest Halloween costume has arrived #pizzarat pic.twitter.com/AhWEPCcBbn — Brian Ries (@moneyries) September 21, 2015

I’m looking forward to the book of life philosophy built around #PizzaRat — Sara Yasin (@missyasin) September 21, 2015

Dear #PizzaRat, It doesn’t last. Enjoy it while you can. Sincerely, Arizona llama — Dan Primack (@danprimack) September 21, 2015

#PizzaRat isn’t the hero we asked for, but he’s the hero we need in these dark times. — Nick Kolakowski (@nkolakowski) September 21, 2015

Some exec right now is trudging through the NYC subway tunnels trying to find a rat to monetize #PizzaRat — Morgan Evans (@totallymorgan) September 21, 2015

Was anyone else sad when the rat ran away at the end? I was like oh no lil buddy you earned that pizza. #pizzarat — Allison Kilkenny (@allisonkilkenny) September 21, 2015

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