The ‘Leave Me Alone’ Sweater Is What Introverts Have Been Waiting For.

The ‘Leave Me Alone’ Sweater Is What Introverts Have Been Waiting For. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Ruth Grace has come up with a great idea. It’s not yet known if it will become a global fad or not, but the “Leave Me Alone sweater” certainly has the potential. With the simple pull of a zipper, it goes from a very stylish looking sweater to a great hiding place for the user. Well actually it’s not really a hiding place as the user can still be seen, but it blocks the view of the user from seeing anything in front of her. It’s a great tool to put into use if you have that annoying brother that’s bothering you about anything. Simply lift the turtleneck above your head and pull the zipper to cover your face completely and suddenly he feels foolish talking to a face full of material and just gives up. Or maybe it would be a great idea for a mom that has had enough of the children for awhile and needs a short break. It can be made for less than thirty dollars and can prove to be quite useful several times each day.It may work well around the house but it wouldn’t be recommended for use while driving!

By day it’s a normal, nice looking and warm sweater. By night it can instantly turn into a nice hiding spot!

There are a few really cool looks that the sweater can be worn as. Grace shows off one of them here. But with the pull off a zipper you can instantly go into hiding!

It only takes two yards of fabric and a total of less than thirty bucks to make one for you to use. Soon you can go into hiding in your own home!

Ruth said there are several different types of zippers that could be used. She chose the thicker one purposely so it’s very prominent. It certainly gets her point across!

The sweater looks great and can be worn anywhere. It’s good to know that you can go from stylish to “in hiding” in a matter of moments. Great idea!

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