The Little Girl From ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’ Is All Grown Up.

The Little Girl From ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’ Is All Grown Up. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

*The Chronicles of Narnia* holds a special place in many people’s childhoods. It was a beloved book series about a magical land filled with talking animals and a royal kingdom. The books became even more special when they came to real life on the big screen. Everyone remembers the actors who played the lead roles, but forgot about them after the movie trilogy ended. The youngest character of the all the main characters, Lucy, was played by Georgie Henley. If you remember correctly, she was a sweet little girl onscreen. At the time she was only 8 — she is now 21 years old! And you won’t believe how much she’s grown up.She was so cute and innocent looking back then, but have you ever wondered how she looks now?

Now being in 2017, it’s been a total of 12 years since we’ve first seen her on the big screen.

When she first premiered in “Chronicles of Narnia,” many people thought she was going to go big. But shortly after, she pretty much disappeared.

Because the movie was based on a popular book series, it had a lot of expectations that it successfully met. It was special for those of us that read the books in our childhood.

It had magic, war, many sword fights, and plenty of suspense. Despite all of these factors, however, one little girl stood out.

Georgie Henley was only seven years when she was casted but don’t underestimate her acting skills from her age!

It all started when she discovered Narnia in the back of her wardrobe. She was only eight years old when the movie first started filming.

Although many may have forgotten about her after her role in the popular trilogy, everyone remembers who she is.

This is how she looks like now and it’s safe to say that she’s grown into a beautiful young lady.

Her transformation isn’t extremely drastic, as you can still tell that she’s the same little girl we saw talking to a lion and woodland creatures onscreen. But she has definitely grown quite a bit.

Georgie took on a couple movie acting roles, but none as big as her Lucy role.

During this time, she attended the University of Cambridge in England. While she was a student there, she participated in theater and began writing and directing her own projects.

The movie came out in 2014 about a pair of sisters who were plotting their mother’s death.

She wrote and directed a short film called TIDE, which was about a young lesbian couple and the different stages of their relationship.

But what exactly is in store for this young actress’ future? Nothing has been confirmed yet but we’re sure we’ll be seeing her on the big screen again in the near future.

According to this photo she posted on her Instagram, she’s a proud self-proclaimed feminist.

She’s walked for various fashion shows. Here’s a snapshot of her strutting down the catwalk in the Alberta Ferretti fashion show.

After all, this star does have a great sense of style especially for someone so young.

Although she has yet to expose much of her body, she’s more on the conservative side. Nonetheless, everyone’s anticipating a rebellious stage from her soon.

We watched her onscreen when she was still young and cute. Is she going to maintain that image or start taking on more adventurous roles?

Perhaps the rest of her career will be spent more behind the camera and working in the arts.

And she probably loves being on it (who wouldn’t). So much that we’ll probably continue seeing her on the red carpet in the future.

We’ve never heard of anyone ever having an attitude problem with little Georgie. But will she continue to be shy and coy?

Are you surprised at all at how much that little girl from “Chronicles of Narnia” has grown?

Nothing is set in stone but we are sure that we’ll be seeing her again. She seems to be destined for great things.

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