The Little Girl In ‘The Game Plan’ Isn’t A Little Girl Anymore.

The Little Girl In ‘The Game Plan’ Isn’t A Little Girl Anymore. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Do you remember the little girl who played The Rock’s daughter in the 2007 film, “The Game Plan”? We all fell in love with Madison Pettis, but not in a creepy way. But you won’t believe just how much she’s changed in just ten short years. Pettis went from cute and adorable to a freaking bombshell, and even The Rock would have a hard time recognizing her if they ran into each other on the street. But not only is she making it big as an actress and a model, but she’s also dating big too. Oh, how they grow up so fast!It all started when she got offers for commercial modeling when she was just five years old, and it was a meteoric rise to stardom from that point on.

It was her first major movie role, and she was happier than a kid at Disney. To add icing to cake, she got to play the role of The Rock’s long-lost daughter. How cool is that?

But while the film wasn’t exactly an Academy Award winner, her performance was widely appreciated by critics, and soon enough, she started getting more offers in movies.

Aside from movie deals, she also got some major modeling offers to promote products like “Love Pastry” alongside some major celebs like Cody Simpson.

But if her curves don’t impress you, then maybe her voice will. That’s right! She not only wows our eyes, but also our ears as a voice actress.

But so is social media exposure, so she uses both to show off her curvy body and some impressive abs that many of us wish we had.

The African-American 5’2″ beauty can also thank her looks to her Italian, French, and Irish background.

She probably gets some awesome discounts having worked in a Disney movie, not that she needs it given how much she’s probably earned already.

Her mother entered her into an annual cover search held by FortWorthChild. Since then it’s been nothing but a road leading straight to stardom.

Of course, eventually she outgrew the popular Miley Cyrus show and headed to the big screen. From there she got her second major movie role in the movie “Free Style” in 2007.

This solidified her as a major movie star, but she also received offers to host several TV shows targeted for children and teens like Disney’s “Special Agent Oso.”

Madison was asked to do a voice over in some of the popular Disney films and TV series like “The Lion Guard.”

In fact, it seemed like she was more dedicated to work rather than spending her precious time looking for love.

His move from Washington back to his home state of Missouri caused his path to meet with Madison’s and the rest is a love tale as old as time. But would The Rock approve?

The two main stars of “The Game Plan” reunited for a different Disney film, “Moana,” and met up at the premiere in California. The adorable movie father and daughter teased fans with a reunion prior to the event, but no, there won’t be a sequel to “Game Plan.”

He’s about 14 months away from being drafted into the NBA, but will he have enough time for our girl here, Madison? He better or we might have to send The Rock after him.

She’s got over 3 million Instagram followers to keep her company. It’s hard to imagine that this used to be the same 9-year-old girl that warmed our hearts on the big screen.

Madison’s exotic look, which comes from her biracial heritage has allowed her to stand out among the rest. Her mom is white and her dad is black by the way. But that’s not the only thing that accentuates her beauty.

There aren’t too many actors that can go from singing to acting to modeling with the kind of ease that Madison has.

She has a good relationship with her friends as well as her fans, so she’s not snooty or stuck up in any way.

Most child actors realize that their careers have ended before they even had a chance to take off, but Madison hasn’t attracted any serious attention.

The first guy she ever dated was TV actor Bryce Cass, but they had personal differences which forced her to land in the arms of Jaden Smith. After a public spat, she and Smith broke it off and eventually, she dated Garrett Backstorm for a while, before taking a bit of a break to find herself.

Well, her parents, and The Rock would certainly see her that way. She’s 18, and she just graduated high school not too long ago, but already she has a lucrative career ahead of her.

There’s nothing better than being young and in love. So while we can’t really say whether her relationship with her boyfriend Michael Porter will lead to a happily ever after, we’re just happy that she’s happy.

But when The Rock and Madison had a mini-reunion last year, she posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “So happy to see @therock at the Moana premiere last night, been too long. WAY TOO LONG!” Okay, Disney, how about giving The Game Plan sequel some more consideration?

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