The Most Surgically Enhanced Woman In The World Proved That Not All That Glitters Is Gold.

The Most Surgically Enhanced Woman In The World Proved That Not All That Glitters Is Gold. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

In this world, nothing is a certainty, and despite all of the major advances in medical science, many of the major surgeries performed today continue to have great risks. But then again, no one knows this better than a plastic surgeon. Still, some women will go to any lengths to enhance their bodies. One 23-year-old woman went to such extreme lengths, that she had over a hundred cosmetic surgeries done, but ultimately the latest was also her last.She was beautiful and her 615,000 plus followers would agree, but aside from her love for her fans, she loved plastic surgery way more. SO MUCH MORE!

In one entry, Kristyna wrote, “I just love to enhance my body to look even more plastic and extreme.” Sadly, she had no way of knowing that this would ultimately cost her life.

“I just absolutely love it,” she admitted. “It’s not just a passion, it’s actually my hobby, my life!” Ultimately, cosmetic surgery gave her a reason to live, which is ironic given the tragic circumstances.

She had an ample chest and an equally ample backside that thanks to surgery was both admired and envied by those who visited her Instagram page.

At the time of her untimely demise, she had a size 1800cc chest. It seemed like she had gotten her wish, but was ultimately never satisfied and wanted more surgeries.

That’s when she began injecting her lips with Juvederm and refilled them as many as five times a year. While she was it, she also used injections to increase her backside as well.

Her goal was to increase the size of her chest, but while she was it, she also switched up her lip injections to permanent lip fillers that made her look like Jennifer Coolidge.

With a combination of adipose tissue and a series of silicone injections, Kristyna managed to get the ample backside she always wanted.

For the Instagram model, cosmetic surgeries were like an addiction and once she started she simply couldn’t stop. She spent five years dedicating her time and money to modifying her physical features.

Although she received plenty of praise, she also received some criticism too. But she openly admitted that she would never allow negative people to affect her even though some of the comments were harsh.

While some would argue that you have to find happiness in your heart and not on your outward appearance, the IG model claims that she was one of the happiest people she’s ever met.

She was also on round 5 of permanent lip injections, round 5 of silicone injections into her backside, and of course, had undergone her 3rd nose reconstruction surgery.

But Kristyna pointed out that the reason she kept on undergoing surgical enhancements was because she wanted to take her body to a whole new level.

In fact, she freely admitted that she doesn’t care about the consequences because she was fighting to make her dream of physical perfection come true.

Unfortunately, there isn’t exactly a facility that specializes in treating such a condition the way there is with substance abuse. Somehow we doubt that any treatment would have stopped Kristyna from having more surgery.

Unfortunately, on April 18th, 2017, Kristyna Martelli lost her life. She passed away while undergoing her 101th operation to look even more beautiful than she already was and it sent shockwaves to those who admired her.

The doctor who performed her final surgery had done over 50 of her 101 surgeries, but it’s unclear if he’ll be held accountable for the model’s death.

But shortly after Kristyna’s death, her Instagram was shut down, possibly as a way to show some respect for the beautiful girl who had passed on.

Others claimed that she had reportedly felt sick after the surgery, and when she went to the hospital, she passed away.

Many young women reached out to her with questions about what products to use and which surgeries would work best, but some haters considered her figure to be excessively disproportionate.

The matter allegedly traveled to a lymph node in her groin, which eventually lead to her feeling sick and suffering a seizure or a heart attack… allegedly.

The French/Italian beauty who grew up in Quebec, Canada claims we was never unhappy with the way that she looked. She was simply inspired by other women who had undergone plastic surgery and wanted to enhance her appearance though plastic perfection.

One thing’s for sure, although Kristyna’s life was clearly very short, she knew how to live life to the fullest.

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