The Mountain’s Petite Girlfriend Answered Everyone’s Question.

The Mountain’s Petite Girlfriend Answered Everyone’s Question. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Many people say that opposites attract, and a lot of the time that’s true. It’s easy to get along with someone when they fulfill the things that you may be missing in your life. They can broaden your taste in music. Teach you a bit about patience. Or even give you an entirely different perspective of the world. Whereas most differences are internal, there are definitely some noticeable differences in this beloved couple.And if you have watched it once, or 50 times, then you may have noticed a rather large man protecting Cersei. Most of you know her bodyguard, Ser Gregor Clegane, as The Mountain.

Hafpor stands at a whopping 6 feet and 9 inches tall! You would think that a person that large would want to date someone a bit bigger like him.

Even though he’s a pretty large guy, his taste in women is completely different. Just wait until you see who he’s dating!

People are curious by nature. And because of that, people have lots of questions about The Mountain and his lady.

One day last September, while Kelsey was working, The Mountain came into the bar to have a drink. Kelsey knew who he was and she immediately wanted to take a picture with him.

Ever since the day they first met, the couple has been inseparable. Considering that they met by chance, it was obvious that they were meant to be together…despite their obvious differences.

Kelsey, with a height of 5’2″, is much smaller than the man known as The Mountain! They’re so different that people are beginning to ask a lot of relationship-based questions.

One user wrote, “How do you kiss? Do you jump into his arms every time and wrap your legs around his waist? Please post a picture of this impressive action.”

“Ah, he bends, I tiptoe. Or just say screw it, pick me up!” she replied. How cute is that?

The couple plays around with one another, and has a great time going on adventures. They even travel the world as a couple, visiting places like France and Iceland.

You can find this happy couple making jokes on the set of The Game Of Thrones. So the next time you find yourself rejecting a date because they’re nothing like you, keep this smiling couple in mind! Because opposites really do attract.

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