The ‘Queen Of Curves’ Won’t Stop Sharing Sexy Photos Online.

The ‘Queen Of Curves’ Won’t Stop Sharing Sexy Photos Online. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Abigail Ratchford is the girl of your dreams and men across the globe are going wild for her bodacious curves on social media. It’s probably why she’s declared herself “the queen of curves”. Let’s face it, it’s hard to argue with her when she looks so mighty fine. You probably couldn’t come up with someone this perfect if you resequenced some DNA and grew the most ideal looking woman in a laboratory. Admit it! If you were in bed and wanted a hot sexy girl to mount you, this is kind of girl and bosoms you’d like to see.She’s like heaven’s naughtiest little angel. Even her wings are packing some major curves.

At the very least she’s the only one you’d like to look at.

The Pennsylvania native has accrued 5.8 million followers on Instagram, 3,580,688 on Facebook, and 414,000 followers on Twitter.

Now that’s one lucky puppy.

She’s been featured in Sports Illustrated once and regularly on Maxim. Surely her curves have made one or two men’s eyes pop.

Even if it involves something scary like this skull bandana, which most guys are probably not even focusing on for obvious reasons.

It’s only natural to assume that she’d hang out with friends that are equally as curvy and sexy, though not as much as her.

She knows how to get photos she posts on social media to become popular, mainly those that have some kind of a theme or a concept that can deliver a power shot.

Abigail not only posts photos of herself to look good, but also to make statements for a good cause. It’s why we love her.

Aside from photos, she also likes to entice her followers with a few videos here and there. She’s even working on a YouTube channel that will feature cooking, workout and beauty tutorial segments.

She even claims that some selfies do a lot better than a professional photo from a shoot.

Some might say that she pushes the feminist movement back because her photos sometimes end up all over men’s sites. But hey! She loves the attention. She saw an opportunity and ran with it. It’s not her fault that fans love it when she flaunts her curves or jiggles her girls around.

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