The Reasons Why These Kids Are Crying Will Make Every Parent Out There Laugh.

The Reasons Why These Kids Are Crying Will Make Every Parent Out There Laugh. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Greg Pembroke started posting pictures online of his three-year-old son in the middle of his tantrums along with the reasons his son was crying. Soon other parents started joining in on by submitting theirs. This resulted in the book [*Reasons My Kid Is Crying*](http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0804139830?ie=UTF8&camp=213733&creative=393185&creativeASIN=0804139830&linkCode=shr&tag=remysoiscr02-20) which was released last April. If you have children, then you’ll find these hilarious and maybe even therapeutic.

“I wouldn’t let him wipe his chocolate face on my shirt.” -Heather K.

“He is shopping for mango juicers at Bed Bath and Beyond.” -Tammy

“I told him he could not take his unwrapped tampon out to run errands.” -Jenn G.

“I told him he doesn’t need sunscreen when it’s raining.” -Tina V.

“I wouldn’t let her wipe my butt.” -Samantha B.

“I asked him not to throw his pasta on the floor.” -Thomas H.

“He didn’t want to share his leg hole.” -Cheryl M.

“He could not hold the railing and his cereal in the same hand at the same time.” -Elizabeth G.

“He met Pope Francis.” -Jessica D.

“I wouldn’t let him get me a beer.” -Carol H.

**“We let him sit in a real fire truck.” -Annie**

“He ate all the marshmallows from his Lucky Charms.” -Amy K.

“He met Bill Murray.” -Laura R.

“Mommy was trying to take a nice relaxing bath…without him.” -Linda

“She wanted to call me on the phone for Mother’s Day.” -Elizabeth O.

“He couldn’t reach the ball.” -Bec A.

“We said she couldn’t have more bacon.” -Lisa

“His brother held the wrong hand.” -Geneviève B.

“There are no mountains in Austin for him to climb.” -Josh K.

“I wouldn’t let him take the broom to school with him.” -Melinda W.

“I wouldn’t let him finish eating dirt.” -Krystle B.

“I flushed my poop before he could look at it.” -Kyle S.

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