The Shape Of Your Fingers Have Meaning.

The Shape Of Your Fingers Have Meaning. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

By looking at someone’s hand, we can learn more about him or her: what they have been through, their care towards detail, their love line, their expected living age, and their interests. The reading of fingers is not as popular as palm reading but it is not less fun that palm reading. Ready to figure out what your fingers say about you?As the first finger in your hand, thumb shows a willpower

If you have it so, you have an independent spirit.

It denotes the temperament of nervous and cautious.

Means you will use intellect power to defeat opponent

In opposite, if your thumb is short it’s more likely that you will wait before action

Indication of impulsive nature.

Their works are done detailed and wisely.

Got all of your fingers long? Probably you are noticing small things?

It indicates a more or less selfish and cruelty

People are more focus to quick result and they don’t really get involved in trouble

Someone can excess caution. They got coward spirit.

With curved in natural way, you are predicted to be someone cruel.

The priority of comfortable is towards personal matter first.

You are also charming and kind.

Less critical, creative.

Compared to them who have short nail, they are weaker physically.

Heart troubles.

Apparently, you have a good sense of humor.

Could indicate heart problems.

Individual with short nail are really quick and critical so they can be a fair judge. They have great humor sense so they can entertain people.

Regarding to behavior, they are more calm in facing problems.

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