The Shapes Of Your Lips Tells A Lot About Your Personality.

The Shapes Of Your Lips Tells A Lot About Your Personality. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

You might not know this, but the shape of your lips are not meant merely as a decoration for your face. Though there are some minor details that do not reflect the truth, there is more to be analyzed through one’s lips and how they are shaped. Our lips are mainly divided into four regions; the natural line of the lips, the cupid bow, which is the small ‘dent’ that separates the right side and the left side of the lips, the corner and lastly the teardrop, which is the lower lip and its curve shape. Let’s take a look.People with this type of lips are usually romantic and glamorous. These people are also considered creative and intelligent.

Women with thin lips are often seen as antisocial. Sometimes they can be independent and like to be in control, though this may not apply to every single one.

This type of lips represent a compassionate and nurturing spirit. Women with this shape of lips are often confident and strong, and can make good mother-figures.

Women with round lips are typically charismatic and adventurous. Confident and unwavered by risks, they are usually charming and alluring.

This shape cannot be described as either full or thin, but just right. The cupid bow is not particularly curved. Women with this shape can be defined as level-headed and undramatic.

Lips that are plump in the center often say that the women too like to be in the center of the spotlight. Some would even go as far as describing them as dramatic and difficult in relationships.

Most of this type of lips are gained through injection or man-made changes. The women who do this can be said to be superficial and enjoy drama. .

This type of lips are usually hinting at the fact that these women like to be pampered, as well as a pleasure seeker.

This type of lips signify that the owner is good at communicating, albeit a little quick-minded and speak-your-mind kind of people.

People with these lips can be described as compassionate towards others.

This feature of the lips hints that the person can lack emotional boundaries, and tend to over-share.

People like this are usually down to earth and very easy going.

Who knows why, but people with this type of lips typically enjoys being at the center of attention, and loves being in the spotlight.

This type of lips indicate that the person is very success-oriented, and tend to focus more on work and achievements rather than relationships and stuff.

These lips can usually be found on people who are selfish in relationships, though it would be unfair to say that about them all.

Independent, seductive and expressive, these people are usually not afraid to live life and enjoy what they love the most.

People with this type of lips are often private and mysterious about their lives. Despite being brainy, these people can at times be a little too picky.

Sultry and tempting, this type of lips indicate that the person is good-humored and seductive.

This shape shows that the person is a dreamer and a hopeful kind of person. Bright, idealistic and ethereal, these people have great thoughts.

People with this type of lips are usually confident and drive. They can handle themselves relatively well anywhere in the world.

They are often generous, and are said to prioritize the needs of others before those of their own.

Romantic and kind-hearted, people with this shape are definitely gifted with a big heart.

These two features in one lips indicate that the person is cheeky and witty, yet at the same time unpredictable.

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