The Three-Month-Old Kitten Whose Broken Jaw Was Turned Into A Beautiful Smile.

The Three-Month-Old Kitten Whose Broken Jaw Was Turned Into A Beautiful Smile. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It may be hard to believe but there are people in this day and age who still believe animals such as cats do not feel physical pain. This may serve as the perfect excuse to abuse a creature. Although, cats are “notorious for not showing that they are in pain,” says Caroline Fawcett, chairman of Feline Friends,. This doesn’t mean they don’t experience it. The University of Lincoln in England conducted a study to figure out when felines are hurting. Some of the signs will be subtle like not grooming as usual, not willing to move, twitching tail, closing eyes, and loss of appetite. Some injuries and aches, however, are more physically obvious than others.The kitten appeared to be malnourished and injured. The staff tried to feed it but realized he had a broken jaw. They assumed he got hit by a car.

There, he was named Rupert. He was fed through a tube. The staff at the veterinary clinic didn’t think he was likely to survive. Still, they refused to give up on him and sent him in for surgery.

Most places would have euthanized Rupert. The operation consisted of wiring Rupert’s jaw. He is able to meow now as well as smile. “The first 24 hours it was touch and go for Rupert but since his operation he has now doubled in size and has been a lot more alert and inquisitive,” Hannah Wiltshire, Blue Cross Rehoming Manager, said.

Rupert is being fostered by Buckland. “He loves to watch TV and touch the screen and also likes to look at your phone and tries to take it off you – he’s played on cat games on there,” Buckland explained. “He’s definitely more independent now and wanted to explore everything and has only recently found his meow.”

The Blue Cross realized that Rupert was more likely kicked in the face. Despite the ordeal, he is playful, happy, and getting stronger every day.

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