The Top 15 Jobs That Unfaithful People Have, According To A Survey.

The Top 15 Jobs That Unfaithful People Have, According To A Survey. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Adultery has existed since the beginning of man, and probably always will. It may be a surprise for you to find out that people with certain careers are more likely to cheat than others. A recently conducted study shows which profession hide the most adulterers.

People that work in IT have a bit of a reputation for being nerdy. That might actually be true, but if you think all nerds are lonely and shy, you’re wrong. IT workers have relationships and marriages like anyone else, but they cheat…a lot. Their crazy computer skills make it pretty easy for them to cover up any affairs. You better hope your partner isn’t good looking if they do this for work.

Real estate agents have the opportunity, the personality, and the lifestyle to pull off cheating. They need to be extroverted and friendly, and they’ll even flirt if it helps them sell houses. They have a pretty good cover because they work strange hours, and they have access to an empty house any time they require one. It’s a perfect match…if you’re a cheater. You probably won’t be shocked to find out that the people in this profession are unhappy.

Being a mom is most certainly a full-time job. Moms must be on-call 24/7, 7 days a week. And if their partner isn’t pulling their own weight in the relationship, a mother can turn dissatisfied and lonely. She also has the house all to herself while the kids are at school. If you can hide your sources, you can hide anything.

Whether it’s chasing down a story, or writing it perfectly in the office, the job of a journalist consists of long hours. They also get to travel all over the place, meeting new, interesting people with different backgrounds from all over the world. When you combine the stress of the job with the adrenaline rush from breaking a story, you get the recipe for infidelity. Are you a part of the Mile High Club?

When you’re the member of an airplane crew, you’re guaranteed time away from home. Considering they’re up in the air for hours on end, and spend their nights alone in a hotel room in a strange city, it’s not really hard to understand why they may cheat. Plus the chances of them getting caught are much smaller than other jobs. You won’t be surprised by this next one.

When you think about lawyers having the reputation for being liars, you shouldn’t be too surprised that they’re cheaters, as well. They may work really hard, but they also get paid extremely well for it. Money allows you to go places and meet people that are more exciting than life at home. There’s a good chance you did this when you were younger, so this next one might not surprise you.

People that are in the nightlife industry tend to be more attractive than most, and their job requires them to be more friendly if they want better tips. They’re also able to meet hundreds of people every single night that are drunk and looking to score. The perfect set up for cheating. It’s not hard to imagine that touching people for a living can cause cheating.

By no means are we implying that all massage therapists are unprofessional, but when your jobs consists of touching naked bodies all day, lusting for someone is bound to happen. A lot of massage parlors hire therapists that are good looking, which can lead to the attraction being mutual. It’s not shocking that the divorce rate for massage therapists is 40%. You might get discipline in this next profession, but it might not be enough.

When you’re in the military you spend long periods of time away from home, while risking your life at the same time. You grow extremely close with your squad, which can ultimately lead to developing feelings for one of them. You’re stressed out, homesick, and are surrounded by people that are in great shape. It would be hard to ignore temptation. Even though you work out a lot, you can still have some energy left over for cheating.

People that play sports, especially those that do it the best, can grow a following that’s a bit cult-like. No matter where they find themselves for competitions and tournaments, there’s definitely no shortage of people willing to do anything to be close to their favorite athlete. It’s easy to see why someone would take advantage of this. These people may be put on a pedestal, but they’re not exactly saints.

People in law enforcement work long hours with high levels of stress. Even though police officers are supposed to keep a certain level of morality with them while in public, that definitely doesn’t mean they don’t have skeletons hiding in their closets. Many people seem to be drawn to authority figures, which allows them to have plenty of people to choose from. This is exactly why there are so many tabloids at the supermarket.

People that work in the entertainment industry are required to work hard to keep in shape, and they’re typically surrounded by people that do the same. When you combine constant travel, spending endless hours with coworkers, and making enough money to hide any secret you may have, you’re able to see why so many famous people end up in infidelity scandals. These next people may be heroes, but heroes are flawed, too.

Every day, doctors and nurses are dealing with life and death. High-pressure careers tend to lead people to have anxiety and depression, especially if there isn’t a supportive partner involved. People in the field of medicine often cheat with their colleagues. This is probably because they truly understand what each other goes through. Maybe you fantasized about this when you were younger.

Considering they’re the ones preparing the future generations to take the reins, one of the most undervalued professions is teaching. And when you think about the work they do, it’s apparent they don’t get paid enough, either. It’s not hard to see how they could feel underappreciated at home and look for comfort elsewhere. Number one will make you dislike them even more.

You’ve heard it before: money is the root of everything evil. If you’ve seen The Wolf On Wall Street, then you saw how he traded his loving wife for a gold digger. It may seem like an extreme case, but maybe it’s not so far-fetched, considering the results of this study. People in the industry of finance are also more likely to have traits of a sociopath, including the lack of empathy.

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