The World’s Angriest Cats Are Adorably Judgmental.

The World’s Angriest Cats Are Adorably Judgmental. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Cats aren’t necessarily the friendliest of animals. Of course if you’re nice to them, they might warm up to you but don’t be fooled by those big eyes and comforting purring! The moment you anger or upset them, they’ll pull a full 360 on you. And trust us, when they’re angry, you WILL know. They’re not the type to hide their emotions. Everything is displayed point blank on their faces. Take these cats below, for example. They can’t be anymore obvious about how they’re feeling.Some people nowadays just have no common sense or courtesy.

Ok calm down, I wasn’t trying to take any of your food…

Can’t tell if this cat is angry or pure evil.

All hail the master of darkness and nightmares.

Is he half panda, half raccoon?

He doesn’t look like a cat you want to disappoint, unless you’re ready for the consequences.

This must have been what Chewbacca looked like as a child.

You ain’t gotta ask me twice, take my whole wallet!

“Can’t a cat just enjoy a day at the park with his human?”

He already looks like he’s plotting the biggest revenge ever.

Someone get this kitty his food ASAP or else!

Didn’t know cats could be so repulsed.

She kind of looks like a makeup fail, maybe that’s why she’s so grumpy.

And to you, I am enslaved for eternity. What can I do for you?

But really, who could ever take this cat seriously with his adorable vampire teeth?!

How someone washed this cat without getting attacked is beyond me.

You better let that cat go before his claws come out!

Now that’s one hard-working cat. He must bring home the bread.

I have no doubt that this cat’s ability to beat any dog up.

Monday morning summed up in one picture.

This cat has all the reason to be infuriated. Someone let him in!

Yeah I wouldn’t even bother going to sleep tonight.

When is it ever a good time with you?

Aww thanks, you shouldn’t have… you REALLY shouldn’t have.

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