The World’s Best Drone Photos Of 2018.

The World’s Best Drone Photos Of 2018. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Every year, SkyPixel gets inundated with incredible aerial drone shots from people from all over the world. Unlike conventional photography, aerial photography involves taking photos of something eye-catching from an elevated position. To get the perfect shot, most people use a chopper, balloons, kites, or drones.

The images on this list were SkyPixel 2018 winners. Some of them were nominees, but they’re winners in our eyes and you’ll certainly agree with us once you take a look at their incredible shots. A lot of these images will bend your perception of reality and allow you to see the world in a radically different way.This red train passing through the snowy mountains in Switzerland will take your breath away.

This famous monastery looks otherworldly, magical, and beautiful.

Anyone else getting a Camelot vibe.

What a unique aerial shot.

They look like flowers, but they’re actually geese gathering in the field.

Here’s a gorgeous shot of women washing water lilies, and then bundling them up to take to the market.

This enchanting shot of a sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar looks like it was taken right out of a storybook.

This ethereal snap of a statue in Kyiv looks like it’s rising above the fog to take its place in the sky.

One photo was taken in the winter and the other in the summer.

It’s like Mother Nature’s Ying-yang.

This aerial shot of birds, trees, and ducks in the water in Huanglongtan, China is absolutely stunning!

It looks like a scene from the movie “Fantasia,” but it’s actually workers carrying salt to the warehouse in Vietnam.

This cool capture looks like a stunning piece of artwork, but this is actually an aerial shot of The National Library of Kosovo.

This shot captures the Roman Coliseum in Sirio, which dazzles without eclipsing the beauty of the moon.

This shot was taken at a lake and shows a newlywed couple enjoying a private moment at the dock.

This reminds us of the game “Hungry, Hungry Hippo.” But as far as we know, no one ate each other.

We’re getting some serious “Inception” vibes with this aerial shot of beautiful Hong Kong.

The Dynastar Ski team walking the Mont Blanc Summit during a sunset looks so “Lord of the Rings”.

The villagers in Henningsvær in Lofoten, Northern Norway built this beacon of love for football.

In this awe-inspiring snap, kids are seen running across the sand dunes in Phan Rang, Vietnam.

It’s hard to tell where the mountains end and the sky begin in the Nuvolau group in the Dolomites.

Snow in the Taklimakan Desert in China formed a rare ice pattern that looks like a giant alien footprint.

This shot shows a bridge disappearing in the fog on the horizon.

So, it’s literally like a road to nowhere.

This shot of Grand Lisboa’s hotel looks like an alien ship has just landed in the city in some Sci-Fi movie.

This beautiful low-level aerial shot of the Stein Eriksen Residences at the Deer Valley Resort is lovely.

This drone captured skiers having fun in the ice in Austria and it’s making us wish it was winter again.

It looks like a satellite, but it’s just Estonian hammer throw champ Kati Ojaloo throwing it to the moon.

The waves produced by the boat and water skier in Auckland Harbour are so dreamy and symmetrical!

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