The World’s Dirtiest Man Hasn’t Washed In 60 Years, And Smokes Animal Turds.

The World’s Dirtiest Man Hasn’t Washed In 60 Years, And Smokes Animal Turds. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Keep that Purel hand sanitizer close because you’re about to read the story of a man dubbed “The World’s Dirtiest Man,” and it’s a title he’s certainly not ashamed of. His name is Amou Haji, and he’s an 80-year-old man from Iran who hasn’t bathed in like forever, but there’s a reason to his madness, at least, according to him. So you might find yourself judging him harshly, or it might make you want to abandon society and join him. Either way, you’ll definitely want to shower at least once after reading this.Yeah, you read right! Haji hasn’t bathed in 60 years and he’s still alive and kicking, and living in isolation in the Southern Iranian province of Fars.

He doesn’t have a home, so to speak, but he does have a small room, without a door, that he uses to hide away from people or the harsh weather elements.

He owns land, lots of it, and this is it. Clearly, he has the soul of a farmer, and he can pretty much do whatever he wants here without being bothered.

Haji claims that he suffered several emotional setbacks during his youth, which eventually led him to live this unusual lifestyle.

Haji claims that cleanliness would make him sick and possibly kill him. So being the survivalist that he is, he opted not to bathe ever again. On the plus side, he’s definitely doing his part to stop the drought crisis.

As a matter of fact, he considers this hole his home. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s in the open air or that it’s a super dirty spot. But this pit is probably his bedroom.

Besides not bathing, he also smokes animal feces. But as gross as this might sound to us, Haji seems to be perfectly happy filling his lungs with animal crap.

Uh, maybe it’s his diet of rotten porcupine meat. That’s right! Haji actually scavenges the area for dead animals to satiate his appetite. Unfortunately, rotting porcupine appears to be the “special” on the menu everyday.

No, it doesn’t involve a dance around a fire either. It involves smoking up to five cigarettes a day first, and apparently not developing lung cancer.

But you’re wrong. He actually takes a look every so often and even has a grooming regimen that involves cutting his hair by burning it with fire, instead of using conventional scissors.

Of course he can thank his radiant looking skin to the fact that he drinks five liters of water every day from a rusty oil tin, not that you’d notice because his skin is covered in dirt.

In there, he gets to contemplate his existence, eat, and quite possibly smoke crap, literally, for hours on end.

Oh yes! Haji is definitely looking for love, but if you’re interested, there’s only one way that you can win him over, and that involves you accepting his unconventional lifestyle.

He has a couple of neighbors who gladly pay him a visit, and he’s usually pretty friendly with those who co-exist in this otherwise, poverty-stricken village.

Rather, they assumed they were doing the right thing. Haji, once said that a group of young men offered to give the 80-year-old a shower, but fortunately, he managed to escape before a drop of water touched his skin.

The last person to hold that… honor was a 66-year-old Indian man named Kailash Singh, who hadn’t taken a bath in over 38 years. But Haji, with his ragged clothes and aversion to clean food, drink and body has certainly beaten that record.

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