The World’s Most Stunning Eyes Will Stare Deep Into Your Soul.

The World’s Most Stunning Eyes Will Stare Deep Into Your Soul. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. A person who is able to look you straight in the eyes is deemed as confident, honest, and trustworthy. Body language experts say our eyes speak volumes, giving away our joys, displeasure, and uncertainty about things and people. In fact, we may be able to train and control our body language and facial expressions, but we cannot command our eyes. Studies have shown that when we see someone we love our pupils dilate.

Likewise, when we see someone we dislike and even hate, the pupils shrink. Also, be aware of someone who blinks a lot, as experts say this is a sure sign of someone who is lying. Still, as much as we can study eyes and their physical attributes there are some who just have heavenly eyes. The ones where you cannot help but stare at them. Their eyes are so unique in colour, size, and shape, they seem to be from a fairy tale world.Her complexion creates an exotic contrast.

They appear to have been hand-drawn by a Disney illustrator.

One sister has a brown and a blue eye.

An eye colour you don’t see everyday.

Dark, big, brown eyes are just as stunning.

There is such a thing as “eye blocking” where the person covers their eyes.

This means the person is not in agreement with you.

Looking straight in the person eyes does not mean honesty.

The person may be staring at you to make sure you believe their story.

Excessive blinking is also a sign of stress.

Someone who narrows their eyes is a sign of distaste.

Look at people’s eyebrows.

If they arch when you approach them, indicates they are happy to see you.

How long we hold eye contact depends in the culture we belong to.

North Americans tend to hold a gaze for no more than one to two seconds. Latin American and Middle Eastern countries tend to hold the gaze longer.

Wide, bright eyes can mean fear, surprise, joy, and even excitement.

It’s all in context.

Glazed or far-away gazes means the person has mentally moved on.

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