The Worst (Funniest) Dog Walking FAILS Of All Time.

The Worst (Funniest) Dog Walking FAILS Of All Time. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Having a dog changes your life. You must adjust your daily routine and budget to ensure that they get what they need. But when we do this, we become more active, more patient, and more responsible. We also learn what it means to care for someone other than ourselves. That is, over time. Getting up earlier than you usually would to make sure someone is walked can be a huge pain for some of us. While some of us can push through the sleepiness and the laziness for our four-legged friends, others look to alternative ways of walking the dog. Some ideas are creative, some are crazy, and some are actually quite genius. Check out 22 examples of the biggest dog walking fails below. Tell us which ones made you cringed and which ones you’d actually be willing to try!

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