Meet Louis, The Permanently Annoyed Kitty.

Meet Louis, The Permanently Annoyed Kitty. June 3, 2021

Whenever the internet wanted to express sadness or depression, they used the meme of a famous celebrity feline known as Grumpy Cat. But although the kitty looked grumpy all the time, netizens couldn’t stop laughing. Then, the laughter went away when Grumpy Cat passed away. But don’t feel too bad because another kitty named Louis seems to have stepped up to the plate and he’ll give you something to smile about. Don’t believe us? Ask his approximate 4,000 Instagram followers. But can he eventually become as big of a hit as the OG Grumpy Cat?Louis resides in Austin, Texas, with his human family and he’s always looking royally peeved. This might explain why he’s being called the new Grumpy Cat by his 4,000 Instagram followers. But he’s got big paws to fill.

Stepping in as the new Grumpy Cat is a massive undertaking for Louis. But his owner, Michelle Alexis, and the cat’s followers don’t have a doubt in their minds that he can live up to his predecessor’s reputation.

It’s possible that his grumpiness isn’t a sign of his mood but rather an underbite, which the OG Grumpy Cat had too. But Michelle claims that his sour face isn’t caused by any kind of genetic abnormality. So, as far as Louis is concerned, this is his face.

Louis is okay with Michelle, but he doesn’t seem to like sharing her with the other house cat that roams around his territory. In fact, Michelle describes Louis’ attitude towards her cat Monae, as a love-hate relationship.

Monae is a Lynx Point Siamese who has declared herself a full-time enemy of Louis. In fact, Monae has bullied Louis on several occasions, which might explain why the latter is looking so angry all the time.

Michelle got Monae when she was just kitten. But Louis was a grown-up cat. And somehow, Monae picked on him and tackled him. But Michelle’s convinced that this is just Monae’s way of telling Louis she loves him.

But aside from Louis’ grumpiness, people are attracted to his lovely gold-colored eyes. Some people claim he looks like an old man. But could it be that being grumpy makes him happy?

Michelle claims he’ll chase after lasers, play with kitty toys and also enjoys giving people head rubs. But his angry look definitely makes him worthy of being called the new Grumpy Cat. But what exactly happened to the previous one?

The cat’s real name was Tardar Sauce and she became famous after a 2012 YouTube video garnered 15.7 million views. This eventually allowed the kitty to earn a $100 million fortune for her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, who used to work as a waitress.

**But unlike Tardar Sauce, Louis wasn’t born with feline dwarfism and doesn’t have an underbite. Louis is simply grumpy. But people still reeling from the loss of Tardar Sauce, who passed in May 2019 from an infection, are undoubtedly elated they have Louis, who looks vicious but oh-so-adorable all the time.**

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