There Are SOOOO Many Reasons Why You Should Smile… Here Are 33 Of Them.

There Are SOOOO Many Reasons Why You Should Smile… Here Are 33 Of Them. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The fact that it’s Friday might give some of you enough reason to smile. For those of you who need another reason to turn that frown upside-down, check out these photos. They’ll have you ear-to-ear in no time!

It’s a sad story that can still make you happy: A terminally ill 10-year old wanted to see Up, so Pixar sent her a copy of the film before release. She died shortly after seeing (and loving) the movie.

Hundreds of students from Texas A&M lined up to protect the memory of a fallen soldier during his funeral from the vicious protests of the Westboro Baptist Church, who protest the funeral of gay soldiers. Member of Westboro never showed, but the students remained.

Though she wouldn’t live long enough to see her actual prom, her classmates decided to give her the title anyways.

Malik Stewart just lost a wresting match to Scott Mckee’s son. Instead of lamenting his loss, Steward gave Scott (who is terminally ill) a hug instead.

The man on the ground showed up to city hall in Ann Arbor, Michigan to support KKK members withstanding trial. When he was attacked by the mob, this woman threw herself down to protect him.

Scott Neeson made millions working for 20th Century Fox. Instead of living off of his spoils, Neeson sold all of his possessions to help homeless children in Cambodia.

By shaving their heads, over 400 employees from Granite Telecommunications raised $2 million for cancer research.

This 18-year-old arthritic dog could only be comfortable enough to sleep when he was floating in water. Knowing that he couldn’t keep himself afloat, his owner spent time each day holding him above the water. Actual tears, folks.

Behold, the power of Facebook.

This pup wouldn’t stop following them around, so these soldiers just started carrying him.

When these toddlers met in an airport, their first instinct was to give each other huge hugs.

When their son learned he had missed his parent’s wedding ,he was inconsolable. Instead of laughing it off, these parents recreated the wedding for him!

The boy in the middle was adopted, and on the day it became official, he asked his new family to dress up like superheroes. They all obliged, because they are fantastic human beings.

According to his mother, Ferguson resident Devonte Hart “living fearlessly when it comes to the police and people who don’t understand the complexity of racism that is present in our society.” During the protests, Devonte stood in the chaos in tears. This officer struck up a conversation with him, and their meeting ended with this beautiful moment.

He was given $100, but instead of keeping the money, he bought a ton of food for his fellow homeless friends.

This little boy is blind, but he still wanted to be a police officer. The officers here trained him for a day, giving him all the “skills” he needs to live his dream.

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