There’s Tinder Profile For An Alaskan Malamute And The Conversations Are Too Funny.

There’s Tinder Profile For An Alaskan Malamute And The Conversations Are Too Funny. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Finding love has always been difficult. It’s not something you can make happen right away. However, thanks to today’s technology finding potential partners to connect with has never been easier. With dating websites like eHarmony and dating apps like Tinder, people can find themselves new people to meet in no time. But who says dating apps have to be limited to just humans? Phil the Alaskan malamute definitely let the social norms stop him. In fact, he probably has more matches on Tinder than your average guy does.We’re unsure whether the dating profile was created by Phil’s owner or someone else. But whoever is running the profile is doing a good job at making people swoon one by one.

In fact, all the ladies who have conversed with Phil so far seem more excited than anything to get the chance of giving him a belly rub.

Phil is so well-known, that people from Tinder have actually questioned the authenticity of his identity.

Nonetheless the dog has decided to not let his location limit him on his quest to find love.

Aside from England, he is also hoping to match with those who live in Boston and Los Angeles.

It also helps that he shares a very popular Instagram account with his sister, Niko. There’s also a few guest appearances by Milo the Ragamuffin cat.

Although he may not look it, he’s actually a very witty conversationalist! He’ll hit you with clever comebacks without you expecting it.

That’s right, he also sends the occasional meme every now and then.

But be careful not to fall for his charm. We have a feeling this dog might be a player with the ladies.

Just like many men in this generation, he’s just going with the flow and looking for someone to have fun with. Can you blame him?

He tries to make it very clear with everyone that he’s not looking for commitment. He’s even mentioned that he’s open to being a “side dog” to someone who already has a main dog.

He’s a malamute and you know how malamutes are. They’ve got good genes and they know it.

But a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. How else is he supposed to make a living?

It seems like he’s open to starting new relationships with other fury companions as well.

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