These Family Photos Are Fooling The Internet.

These Family Photos Are Fooling The Internet. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

This is incredible! Ralph C. Lincoln is an eleventh generation Lincoln. And he just so happens to have the same great-grandfather as one of America’s favorite presidents. If you head to Pennsylvania and visit the small cemetery in Fayette County, you’ll see where the members of the Lincoln family were buried! You’ll see Abraham Lincoln’s great Uncle Mordecai, who fought in the American Revolution, and his son, Benjamin. Mordecai Lincoln is his fifth-generation great-grandfather, which makes Ralph the third cousin of the president.

They sure do look ready to head to a fancy event. What you’re looking at aren’t pictures of the same event. They’re actually pictures of two different men posing together at a wedding. The one on the left was taken 30 years ago, and the one on the right was taken of their sons heading to a completely different wedding. It definitely seems like good looks run in their family.

Like so many other women, Christine McConnell was told growing up that she looked just like her mother. When Christine was 32, she got a hold of her mother’s red dress and recreated the picture that her mom took when she was 32. You can obviously tell how much they look alike. But did they use the same chair, too?

At first glance, it looks like someone went back in time to recreate this picture. But in reality it’s just a picture of a granddaughter proving that it doesn’t matter how much time passes, genetics can create uncanny lookalikes. These pictures were taken 87 years apart, but they have the same spirit, the same look, and the same smile.

Honestly, even if they don’t want to do it, there’s nothing cuter than a little guy in a tie. What you’re looking at is a great-grandfather and a great-great-grandson. They’re both wearing a tie, even though the style is a bit different, and their resemblance is obviously undeniable. It looks like the only difference is the one missing a tooth!

What in the world is going on here? Even though it seems like it’s the same person, it’s actually a picture of a mother and her son. Her eyelashes may be a bit longer, and the hair is obviously different, but when you look at the basic features they could pass as twins!

Who doesn’t want to rock and roll all night and party all day? This dad definitely did and it looks like he passed the party gene down to his son along with all the other ones. The only differences are the son’s guitar, which is a lot cooler, the gold chains, and that mustache, which is probably a good thing because it’s honestly a bit creepy.

In the picture on the top, you can see an adorable moment captured between a father and son. This father put his son on top of his chest for some much-needed bonding time, and even though the baby looks shocked, he’s probably loving it. But he probably loves bonding with his cat a bit more. And honestly, kids aren’t for everyone. And it looks like his cat loves him right back. And of course, there are no diapers!

The women of the earlier generations definitely have a certain grace and class about them. They just looked so well put together. More than 50 years later, this granddaughter was able to completely recreate the beautiful classy look that her grandmother portrayed, right down to the jewelry and clothes.

While you’ve been scrolling through this article you’ve seen pictures of people that definitely look alike. But this father and son are by far the best ones. This son has managed to capture his father’s facial expressions and haircut perfectly. And when you throw in the collared shirt and sweater vest (which he probably had to borrow from his dad because they just don’t make them like they used to) you have the perfect recreation.

If we’re completely honest, none of us really like looking back at our high school pictures. High school is a really awkward time in everyone’s lives, but there’s nothing awkward about these pictures of a mom and her daughter. The one on the left is of the mother, and the other one was taken 20 years later to look like her mother’s yearbook picture. The resemblance is incredible!

It looks like the tooth fairy has her hands full with these two. His first stop will have to be back in time almost 20 years ago though! This mother had her daughter recreate this photo. The girl on the right might not have bangs, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Other than that, they look just alike.

The apple sure doesn’t fall from the tree with these two. Clare Reed shared this photo of her four-year-old daughter and her husband when he was five. Same eyes? Yes. Same nose? Check. Same mouth? Yep. Sam eyebrows? Most definitely. There’s certainly no denying that these two are related!

Regardless of what you wish you could do, you can’t escape genetics. So it’s not really surprising that a lot of family members look alike. But sometimes, the resemblance is so much alike that it’s like looking into a mirror. Just check this one out. Reddit user Yessykeena recreated the picture on the left of her mother and her first son, Yessykeena’s older brother. The picture was taken 41 years and Yessykeena duplicated it to show just how much she looks like her mom. It’s unbelievable.

Is this straight from The Twilight Zone? It looks like these pictures are of the same people, but it’s definitely not. The picture on the left was taken in 1983 of a man holding his son. The picture on the right is of that son holding his own child in 2014. All he needs is the glasses to make it perfect!

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