These People Deeply Regret Shopping Online, But You’ll Get A Laugh Out Of It.

These People Deeply Regret Shopping Online, But You’ll Get A Laugh Out Of It. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Do you ever order something that appeared to be exactly what you wanted for yourself, or as a gift for someone else or even your pet. But you failed to look at one crucial thing before placing the order on Amazon. You forgot to check the dimensions of your purchase and when you opened the box, you were in for a big shock. In fact you got that same look that your mother-in-law gets when you asked for a 3rd plate of food during the holidays. So here are some hilarious instances of people who will never forget to check the dimensions of their merchandise before buying ever again.On the plus side, Amazon always ships small things in huge boxes full of packing peanuts. So at the very least the kitty will be able to use the box this thing came in to entertain itself.

By simply looking at the listing it’s tough to see where the confusion would come from. But then you’ll notice from the title description that it’s meant to be used for a Melody Jane Dollhouse. Not wonder the price was so amazing!

Well he won’t be going on any magic carpet rides anytime soon but at least he can still use it as a coaster.

Now you know that no amount of dieting will help you fit into those gold “Bratz” pants!

But at the very least you expect it to be a life size version of a TV stands. This can barely hold your Smartphone.

Unfortunately, if this was meant for a kid then it was an epic fail. But if you have a Dora The Explorer bag or a kitty that you want to use as a mule then this backpack is perfect.

Oh wait! He doesn’t have any kids. It was meant for him! Insert laughtrack here.

If you’re a 16-year-old girl, you’ll likely ending up getting lots of proposals as you walk by the shore and they won’t be for marriage either.

Judging from this photo, it appears that Amazon was the one that wiped their feet on her face and her credit card.

This poor customer thought she was getting a mat with artificial, albeit extremely dull looking grass sticking out. Turns out, it’s just a 2D printed picture.

You can pawn it on someone else. It makes the perfect re-gifted item and the person getting it is bound to love it more than you do.

Also, when buying a dress, you might want to consider going to the store next time where you can touch it, see it, and try it out before purchasing it.

So you could wind up with a wardrobe fail that makes you look like one of Cleopatra’s starving servants rather than Cleopatra herself.

Poor mom and dad! They’re just going to have to get used to sitting on lawn in their backyard.

The reality looks more like a costume from a cheesy Sci-Fi show and nothing like the gorgeous casual ensemble that the woman on the left was modeling.

You could also try a military store, which often sells these types of boots. Unless of course, you just so happen to have feet that are small enough to fit in these.

Uh, it might have to do with the fact that the advertised length was way off! On the plus side, at least the customer got too much rather than too little. Now all they need to do is take out some scissors and a sewing kit and start making some alterations.

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