These Were Jose Fernandez’s Final Words To His Pregnant GF On The Day He Died.

These Were Jose Fernandez’s Final Words To His Pregnant GF On The Day He Died. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Miami Marlins talented pitcher Jose Fernandez has sadly passed away this weekend after the boat he was on capsized after striking a Miami Bay jetty at very high speeds. He not only left fans heartbroken, and a promising career. He also left a beautiful story of survival, determination, and worst of all, pregnant girlfriend Maria Arias whom he contacted on Instagram before dying.The Rookie of the Year had a heartwarming past. He came to the U.S. on a boat after leaving his home country, Cuba. They couldn’t get to soil on the first 3 attempts, but after persevering and risking it all, they got to land on the forth try. This was one guy that just wouldn’t quit.

The 24-year-old pitcher’ life was sadly cut short, after a boating accident took his life, leaving a promising career behind and thousands of loved ones grieving his absence.

Marlin’s manager Don Mattingly, who along with all the other teammates and coaches were visibly distraught, said that there was true joy with Jose when he played.

Despite the tragedy removing him from the physical world, Jose Fernandez was, in the words of fellow baseball shortstop, “One of the biggest talents the world has ever seen.” It’s safe to say, the world of sports is devastated by his loss. But Jose’s resilience will surprise the few of those who weren’t familiar with his story.

He was often seen posting tweets about the adorable kids he met and greeted, in an attempt to bring awareness and to get fans involved with causes such as Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

His teammates not only think of Fernandez as a solid player, but rather a star that could’ve been a Hall of Famer.

He was not shy to embrace the theatrics that go with the sport. He loved to be there, be a part of the game and enjoy everything that comes with it.

The greatest pitches arguably, in Marlins history also had a knack for other types of sports. Well, if you consider fishing a sport. He spent his summer big game along with his crew, finishing and enjoying life.

His effervescent joy was an important part of who he was. He reveled in other people’s success, not only his own.

Fernandez was a pitcher with a great heart. He supported several charities in the hopes of improving the lives of anyone around him. He participated in ALS charities quite often.

Fernandez changed lives, and that is the reason why he simply cannot be forgotten. He work hard supporting different charities and taking care of his loved one.

Shortly before the crash, Fernandez was seen partying on board with a bunch of bikini clad women while they went fishing.

He was madly in love with girlfriend Maria Arias, who was expecting their first child together. Before his untimely death, he shared these words on her Instagram account: “I’m ready for where this journey is gonna take us together.”

Fernandez was a charismatic showman, one that reeked passion through every pore every time he embraced a new game.

The incredible Jose Fernandez was all that was good with baseball. He was the embodiment of joy and charisma, and his life will forever live on in the hearts of fans, friends and family.

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