They Got Tired Of People Asking When They Were Having Kids So They Responded With A Photo Shoot.

They Got Tired Of People Asking When They Were Having Kids So They Responded With A Photo Shoot. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

There are a lot of standards society puts on people in order for them to “fit in.” After high school you’re supposed to go to college, get a career, get married, and have kids. In that order. And that’s the way it’s been done for as long as any of us can remember. What’s hard for people to accept is that you don’t have to do any of that if you choose not to. Your life is yours to live as you see fit, and that doesn’t mean you are any less happy, or successful. This couple felt the pressure of society’s expectations and handled it in an adorably funny way!According to their family, it’s about time that they start having kids, but Chelsea and Jared just aren’t ready for human babies. But what they do have, is a beautiful fur baby that they absolutely adore.

She was working at the Humane Society of North Iowa, when Riley was surrendered. His human had passed away from old age and Riley needed a new place to live.

“He was only there for about a week before my husband and I decided that he was meant for us,” Chelsea explained. It was then that their family of two, turned into a family of three.

They’re all very happy with how they live, but of course, people are still wondering when they’re going to have human children. Someone even went so far as to say that Chelsea would never know love until she had a baby.

She had seen people do “newborn” photo shoots with their animals, so she thought maybe that’s what they could do, too! She decided to talk it over with Jared.

“I talked about it with Jared, and we decided that to celebrate our five-year anniversary, we would have this photo shoot done, and it could be our tongue-in-cheek response to everyone who asks about future babies,” said Chelsea.

They grabbed some props, and their happy pup, and headed out to do the photo shoot. “Riley did pretty well at the shoot — all she had to say was ‘Treat?’ and he would look right at the camera,” Chelsea said.

Riley is more than happy with their situation. He likes humans a whole bunch, but doesn’t really care for kids too much. I think it’s safe to say that they’re a beautiful family, and look absolutely happy with their lives!

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