They Look Like Any Other Couple, But Their Story Of True Love Will Make You Cry.

They Look Like Any Other Couple, But Their Story Of True Love Will Make You Cry. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Each and every day, young couples meet each other by chance or by circumstance, fall in love, and plan on spending their lives together. Sometimes, the relationship works out, other times, it doesn’t, and sometimes, the pair face challenges together that they never thought possible. Taylor and Danielle are one of those couples, and their story will break your heart into a million pieces — but down worry, they’ll all get put back together again in the end. They met young, and Taylor decided to further his career by enlisting in the armed forces. Before he left, the two cultivated a love like most young couples’: Unselfish, caring, and full of laughter. However, months later Taylor and Danielle would be faced with what to most would feel like an insurmountable challenge. Though many relationships wouldn’t have survived such tragedy, theirs only grew stronger. Seeing them go from then to now is truly inspiring — if only all love was as strong as this.Taylor was a natural athlete with a calm disposition, and it’s what drew his girlfriend to him in the first place. They both loved sports, extreme activities, and just being together.

He was part of the Navy’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal or EOD. The mission of EOD is to deal with improvised explosive devices and weapons of mass destruction by defeating, attacking , and disarming them.

As you can see, they’re busy with the business of doing things that all young couples do while in love.

A love like this isn’t just something you give up simply when times get hard.

After Taylor was deployed, it wasn’t long before tragedy would befall these two lovebirds.

He was leading a team of specialists to do his job when disaster struck the group.

He survived the blast, thankfully, but the aftermath of the injury would truly be life-changing.

Without arms and legs, this brave young man would have to re-learn how to do basically everything.

He worked on his coordination, his core strength, and other skills that would help him learn how to live in his new body.

With advances like this in prosthetics, Taylor was able to get some amazing appendages to learn how to use.

The amount of sheer strength and willpower it takes to re-learn this kind of thing is admirable. But what about Danielle? Where was she throughout the ordeal?

From the moment he arrived back in the states, his beloved was there to support him through all of the pain and strife caused by his injury.

And not just by being supportive: She was there during many appointments, encouraging him and sweating it out with him.

It has to be hard to have to re-discover your place in society after something like this, but with a supportive girlfriend by your side, it’s got to be easier.

If anything, the experience made their love grow stronger than ever. It takes special people to be able to handle something like this.

And good thing, too: For soon, he’d have a very important reason to walk on his own two feet.

After what they’ve been through, this wedding must have been a massively emotional moment for the couple and their families.

Well, with a few minor alterations. Still, their love continues to grow.

After all, if you can make it through an experience like this, you can make it through basically anything.

Yeah, when it comes to Taylor and Danielle, we’d say that this pretty much sums it up.

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