They Rescued A Baby Animal And Had NO Idea What It Actually Was.

They Rescued A Baby Animal And Had NO Idea What It Actually Was. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Nothing makes you more weak in the knees than seeing a defenseless little animal shaking on the ground, begging for someone to rescue them. If you found a tiny speck of life that you barely recognized as some sort of animal form, would you pick it up and bring it home? Would you take it to the vet? This family found the smallest little baby animal to the local animal wildlife hospital. They had no idea what it was, until its condition started to improve and he started to grow.This tiny little angel weighed less than a gram. He was found by a family who had no clue if he was a dog, a cat, or even a squirrel.

The tiniest one on record. The local wildlife animal hospital determined it was a feather-tail glider. He also managed to glide straight into these people’s hearts!

This poor little fellow had been battling the pain that comes with a fall. He survived a long fall from the top of trees, where their kind can be found.

Fortunately, Boop isn’t alone. It has Betty, another marsupial that was found around the same time.

They’re nocturnal by nature and you have to live in the wooded areas of Australia to get your shot at seeing one.

After all, they’re known for living in high places and tend to hibernate for weeks on end. Hopefully they’re not related and can live happily ever after out there in the wilderness. Let’s just hope this little stint in the hospital is nothing but a great story they can tell their other marsupial friends at school!

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