They Spotted A Lonely Dog In The Rain, But His Fur Was Hiding An Awful Secret.

They Spotted A Lonely Dog In The Rain, But His Fur Was Hiding An Awful Secret. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Like any other pets, dogs are a bag full of joy. They always stay by our side and love us unconditionally. All they expect in return is love from us too. But sadly, we sometimes fail to do so. Many dogs are lucky enough to be a part of a loving family in the initial stages of their lives, but there are some who have to go through various hardships before they get what they deserve. Canines are not only adorable but also a steady pillar in our lives. But it doesn’t seem that they are getting the TLC they deserve considering the horrible conditions some find themselves in. Some of them are abused, abandoned and tortured for no good reason at all.Dogs deserve a home where they are loved and cherished. But this was not the case with a golden retriever. He was made to feel like some unwanted baggage and that’s why he ran away. It was a rainy day when Blaine Hale along with his friend noticed a dog, probably a stray dog, fully soaked in rain by the side of the road.

He saw the dog sitting in the middle of a flood on the east side of Atlanta. He was sitting by a mailbox in the rain and looked pathetic. Blaine couldn’t just pass by and leave the dog there. So he decided to pull over and call the canine. The dog immediately responded and walked over to him wagging his tail.

He looked incredibly undernourished and was not wearing a tag. It was then that Blaine decided to dig a little deeper into the dog’s story. He found out that the dog had been in the woods for over 3 months because he escaped from an animal hoarder.

He named the dog “Bran” as he found the canine on Brannen Street. Once Bran entered the house, he rushed to the bathroom to take a bath and clean himself up.

Getting Bran all cleaned up was quite a tough task. The next morning, Blaine took Bran to the veterinarian. Bran was underweight at just 25 lbs; he was neither chipped nor tagged and was infested with all kinds of worms. After their visit to the vet, the poor dog was completely exhausted and slept for 3 weeks straight.

Bran had hook, round, ring, and heartworms. Fortunately, the vet was able to give him the right meds to treat his condition. But there was something else that was just as bad.

Not only was his tail one giant dreadlock, but Bran had over 200 ticks throughout his body. Although ticks may appear to be a minor nuisance, they can pose a serious health risk to the host, and even pass along diseases to other animals.

It turns out that Blaine was already a proud owner of another golden retriever named Addie. Once Bran was tick-free, he was able to meet Addie. Though he was confused at first, he slowly got used to his new life and his new family, and now he is one happy soul.

Blaine captured Bran’s entire recovery on camera and then shared the golden retriever’s heart wrenching story on social media. Bran was eventually strong enough to assist Blaine in his shop. It wasn’t long before the dog was able to put the past behind him and embrace his new loving, supportive family.

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