They Started Stacking Firewood, When They Were Finished I Had To Look Twice.

They Started Stacking Firewood, When They Were Finished I Had To Look Twice. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There are plenty of people that live in colder parts of the world that make use of wood stoves. Those colder areas can have brutal winters and the wood stove has been used for many years as a source of heat for the inside of a home, shack or garage. The key factor with a wood stove is obviously the wood that’s needed for burning. In most cases the wood is stored nearby in a disorganized pile for quick grabbing. Some people don’t like a disorganized pile, however, and take the time to make something out of it. All over the world these people take the time to create some great designs out of the wood they have stored up for the winter. You will see all kinds of designs like alligators, owls and hogs. Animals are a popular design to use but as you will see the creations aren’t limited to only them. You’ll see some that are based on old photos and there is even one that you can walk right through the middle of. Some other designs that have been done over the years are wood stoves, houses or villages and even super heroes. There are some really great things that have been done with wood and we will show you some of the best here today.This log pile was put together with great detail. Not only is there a well designed owl but if you look deeper there is a moon (or sun), and an ax that is sticking out of a piece of wood.

It takes very careful planning and placement to pull off a successful design made of wood.

These pieces of wood were cut from the former tree they now depict. Every part of this is made of wood and it came out pretty awesome.

This well designed wood pile reminds you of a village you might see in other parts of the world.

People who make wood pile sculptures seem to favor the owl design. Here are a couple of examples that were done with perfect precision of shape and color shading.

This is something you may not want to come across in the woods. It may be a bit scary until you figure out what it is. Look how the designer used the colors perfectly to create this great piece of work.

This perfect circle makes you wonder where you should grab the first piece of firewood from that’s needed. Pulling the wrong one could bring it crashing down.

This beautiful design looks like something from the wild west way back in the day. It’s very well done and probably took a ton of time to get it just right.

Bjare Granli loves fishing. This design that he built in Drevsjo, Norway, verifies that his love for the sport is strong. He did a great job.

This wood pile comes complete with its own security detail. See how the perfectly placed pieces of wood create this awesome look.

Michael McGillis of Minnesota created this beautiful looking walkway made entirely of wood back in 2006. It’s 95 feet long and it looks to be around six feet high. You can walk right through this purple passageway.

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