They’re Saying She’s ‘The Sexiest Woman On YouTube’. What Do You Think?

They’re Saying She’s ‘The Sexiest Woman On YouTube’. What Do You Think? April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Music producers, casting directors, and modelling firms are always looking for the next “it girl.” They all want a piece of the pie too whether it’s in the form of commercials, brand ambassador, and social media following. This is even before they realize where the woman’s artistic talents lie. That almost becomes secondary. It is all about pushing an image blurring between innocent and sexy all once. Jilly Anais is a Houston, Texas native who has moved to Los Angeles to follow her dreams. She has been dubbed the “most beautiful woman on YouTube.” Her videos range from her singing acoustics, make-up tutorials, and following her in her daily life. She admits to growing up watching Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Ciara, and Michael Jackson and knowing she wanted a future in music. “I knew early on that I wanted to be up on the stage performing,” she told Women Fitness.She won the coveted Miss Teen Houston in 2011.

“That didn’t make me nervous or stop me. I went in there and I was myself. After winning it was an amazing experience. I won Miss Teen Houston 2011, and it’s a title I can carry with me for the rest of my life,” she says.

She also admits to playing every sport you can think of.

She graduated high school early on December 2013 to focus on music.

“I achieve these goals because this is what I was meant to do, this is why I was put on this earth,” she says.

She also works out every day for 45 minutes.

She shares many of the behind-the-scenes work on Instagram.

“The Juice” refers to gossip, whether its talking about you or you doing the talking.

She says she cannot imagine a future that does not involve music. She considers her music fresh and unique because no one sounds like her.

Jilly Anais says “there is no Plan B, only Plan A.”

“I know it’s worth it everyday when I wake up and go to the studio or have a photoshoot. I know I am working towards my dream,” says Jilly Anais.

She is either in the studio, at rehearsals, and photoshoots, therefore she is too busy for love at this time.

“At the end of the day of course, I am working on my own lane. So it’s great when people notice me for my music,” she explains.

She has been modelling from a young age, so it’s all a natural progression for her.

“I want people to hear my story through my music.”

“I love acting. It’s another form of my artistry,” she points out.

She promises it will still be good but it will be different.

Jilly Anais is also writing her own material.

“People love listening to what you are going through because it’s relatable. The closer I am to my fans with my music, the more I can make a connection,” says Jilly Anais.

We can’t wait to hear Jilly Anais’ work in 2017.

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