His Cat Won’t Stop Stealing Neighbor’s Socks And Underwear — And It’s Kind Of Embarrassing.

His Cat Won’t Stop Stealing Neighbor’s Socks And Underwear — And It’s Kind Of Embarrassing. November 2, 2020

Cats are definitely unique. They’re equal parts mischievous, equal parts adorable. They’ve got a mind of their own, so even if thought you had them all figured out, they always find a way to throw us for a loop every now and then. Okay, so you’ve seen countless videos of cats going nuts over a cardboard box, and we all know how they love to climb bookshelves and furniture, turning your living room into their very-own kitty playground. They absolutely love parking their furry behinds on your favorite chair, and whenever they’re in the mood for some loving, they start prancing around, purring, and jumping on your lap. They’re pretty direct creatures, really! But every now and then, their shenanigans make us question if perhaps, these furry animals are more intricate than we thought. And no one knows this better than Bella’s parents. She’s a beautiful tabby cat who’s got a less than becoming hobby — stealing people’s clothes!For the past 10 years, she’s been nothing but a faithful companion to her owner, Shawn Bell. But not too long ago, she started displaying a whole new side to her.

She begun spontaneously popping up at their house in Vancouver, Canada, with a bunch of strange objects. The first time she showed up at the house, she was carrying a sock.

Shawn was left wondering just where the heck was she getting all these things from? Had she been snooping around her neighbors’ homes?

On that hot summer day, Bella showed up with a child’s drawing. We don’t even know how she managed to gently hold on to it, without tearing it apart! Her owner was left scratching his head.

No one knows for sure! But somehow, Bella had taken an interest in other people’s socks! Shawn had no idea where she’d been stealing these objects from. Whenever she went on one of her evening prowls, she showed up baring gifts.

She had managed to collect so many socks and clothes, that Shawn even filled half a garbage bag with them!

“She used to just come home with one piece of clothing per night,” she shared on an interview with The Dodo. Then he updated the situation. Evidently, Bella is not about to drop a life of crime: “Now she is coming home with two or three a night — or more.”

Clothes, socks, and other items started piling up. Bella was an out-of-control adorable criminal and nothing will stop her! Shawn hoped the people who had “lost” these garments would show up to claim them.

Bella’s crazy antics are truly hilarious, but Shawn was left feeling a little bit embarrassed and concerned for the people who had lost their clothes. “It sucks to have to keep buying clothes if they keep going missing,” he said.

That’s right! Bella wasn’t just content with stealing people’s clothes. She was also taking underwear and intimates from unsuspecting neighbors too! Shawn really hopes the rightful owners of all these little knick-knacks she stole will finally knock on his door. But if you think Bella feels any sort of remorse for her actions, think again! “I think she’s proud of herself,” he shared. Regardless, Shawn still loves his little furry daughter, even if she’s a criminal!