Things That You’ve Been Using The Wrong Way Your Whole Life

Things That You’ve Been Using The Wrong Way Your Whole Life April 1, 2023Leave a comment

When it comes to the everyday objects that we use around our houses, our offices, and at school, we think we’ve got them down pat. That is to say that using certain things — a spoon, an eraser, a soda tab — feels pretty straightforward, like there’s nothing left to learn other than what you already know. However, after reading this post, you will realize that is completely wrong. Many random objects we use every day have alternate purposes, and you just might not be realizing how useful they can actually be. Check out the pictures below to learn how a wooden spoon can prevent a mess of boiling water, how soda tabs can organize your closet, and even how you can seamlessly make your sunny side up eggs in a perfect circle without much though. Needless to say, after you read this, your life will do nothing but improve.

When you see an eraser with two colors, remember the blue part isn’t for your pencil: It’s for erasing ink instead. However, this only works when the ink you’re using is erasable — otherwise, you’ll just have a hole in your paper.

The large hole on the can cap is for your straw to enter, to keep it in place in your carbonated beverage of choice.

There’s a ridiculously simple solution for that, and all you have to do is place your wooden spoon over top. Seriously, that’s it. The bubbles won’t overflow, and everyone will think you’re a darn genius.

Often, your computer will alert you that there’s no ink remaining. In the words of Maury Povich, “THAT was a lie.” All you have to do to get that extra mile is remove the cartridge and use a paper clip to pop the reset button on the bottom. It will trick your computer, and you’ll be good to go.

The loop on the back of your shirt is for your hanger to go on, to prevent the front and back of the shirt from wrinkling.

Try using soda tabs to double up on hangers, meaning you can hang more stuff, more neatly.

Inside and outside pressure while flying is regulated with a tiny hole on your plane window. Don’t worry — unless the hole suddenly gets bigger. Then you should definitely worry.

And it’s not just for straining. The hole is used to measure spaghetti per serving, so you never make too much again.

The horizontal button hole at the very top is placed there to prevent your shirt from unbuttoning on top, for the moments you want to look extra presentable.

Nope, the small pocket wasn’t intended for your coins or condoms. Instead, .it was first created to hold a pocket watch, which is what many workers used to carry with them to the job.

Instead of crossing words out with lines, cross them out with letters so they won’t be legible — plus, maybe someone will think you’re writing in code.

The trick to untying a knot is to twist the loose end as much as you can and to push it through the knot — save yourself some time with this method and give it a whirl!

That razor can actually serve another purpose: Cutting the pills off your sweaters and jackets.

One reason beer bottles are designed with a narrow, elongated neck is to reduce the amount of heat transferred by your hand. Make sure to hold it there instead of below.

Flip those babies over. The wavy side is supposed to sit against your hair, not the opposite way around. Admit it: This is life-changing advice for those of us with unkempt manes.

If you need to get to your floor in a hurry and don’t want to make any stops along the way, hold the “door close” button down until the doors close. Keep holding the “door close” button and now press and hold the floor number you want to go to. Other people might get mad at you, but hey: You’re in a hurry.

Put it in the front, and it will stay in place instead of falling into the toilet before you even sit down for a moment of relaxation and clarity.

Instead, just turn that hand drier into a face drier. The metal nozzle thingy flips up to direct the air into your face and dry you off, even if there aren’t any paper towels around.

All it takes is a non-stick pan, a bit of oil, and a ring of onion to achieve rounded egg greatness — and it fits perfectly onto your sandwich.

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