This Thirsty Koala Asked Bikers For A Drink, And She Wasn’t Shy About It.

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Here she is, reaching for the bottle. This koala knew exactly what she wanted -- and needed, for that matter.

While biking in the Adelaide region of Southern Australia, one group of friends came across something a bit peculiar: Blocking their path was a tired, overheated koala that was clearly in need of assistance. As soon as the koala saw the bikers, she began doing something even more unusual: She started begging them for water, climbing up on their bike tires and reaching for their bottles. It's not everyday that a wild animal would be so forward, but clearly this gal needed all the help she could get. See some photos from their interaction below.
Glam Adelaide

She even helped herself to one of the biker's water bottles.

Glam Adelaide

Of course, the bikers were happy to oblige the parched animal. Forest fires have run rampant in this part of Australia, and as a result many koalas are always desperately searching for water.

Nick Lothian

The bikers stayed with her until the Fauna Rescue arrived to take her to safety. She spent the night at Adelaide animal hospital, getting plenty of delicious water while she was there.

Glam Adelaide